What are the technical details?

To support the additional content types, you’ll need to be on the Rustici Engine 2019.1 release.

  • MP4 video files

    From deep dives to microlearning, you can easily play, pause, skip ahead or back to review your users’ interactions.

  • MP3 audio files

    As an added bonus, Rustici Engine also supports the audio coding format for podcasts and other audio clips.

  • PDF documents

    From policy and procedures documents to job aids and checklists, we’ve got all your PDF needs covered.

  • URLs

    Whether it’s SharePoint resources, blog posts or industry articles, if it has a link, you can track who is actually using the asset.

I’m ready to get started, so what’s next?

  • Rustici Engine

    Interested in getting support for additional media files, but want to see what’s required with Engine first? Awesome! Learn more about how Rustici Engine integrates directly in your application.

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  • Talk to us to learn more

    We know that .mp4, mp3 and .pdf files can be confusing. We can help you feel comfortable with the technical details to make sure your developers are ready to integrate Rustici Engine with your LMS or LXP.

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Want to keep learning?

Check out one of these resources to learn more about Rustici Engine’s supported content.

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Ready to talk about Rustici Engine?

Let us help you handle the additional content types so you can focus on creating a great learning management system.