New and notable features from recent releases

  • Rustici Engine 23

    • xAPI 2.0 support along with Engine LRS improvements
    • Import and launch streaming video formats HLS or MPEG-DASH
    • Alternate configuration sources for Hashicorp’s Vault and Consul
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  • Rustici Engine 22

    • Use webhooks to subscribe to notifications and exchange events
    • Control background processes for each Engine instance
    • Save and retrieve metadata about courses
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  • Rustici Engine 21.1

    • Support for Vimeo videos
    • Passed the cmi5 conformance LMS test suite
    • Ability to dispatch SCORM, AICC and LTI content as cmi5
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  • Rustici Engine 20.1

    • Ability to import LTI 1.1 and 1.3 tools
    • Support for subtitles and closed captions for MP4 files
    • Delivery and tracking of YouTube videos
    • Improved LTI 1.3 support for Rustici Dispatch
    • Ability to create registrations for incoming xAPI statements
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  • Rustici Engine 2019.1

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  • Rustici Engine 2018.1

    • xAPI interactions reporting
    • Version 2 of the REST API
    • Administrative interface
    • API and database usage metrics
    • LTI export for Engine Dispatch
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New and notable features from previous releases

Rustici Engine 2017.1
  • Integrated Support For Amazon’s S3 Storage & Cloudfront CDN\
  • Remote Content Hosting and Launching
  • Improved Player UI
  • xAPI Conformance
  • Accessibility Improvements to Support Customers Pursuing 508 Compliance
  • Expanded PENS Support

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SCORM Engine 2016.1

View SCORM Engine 2016.1 documentation

SCORM Engine 2015.1
  • New REST API
  • Revamped tenancy model

View SCORM Engine 2015.1 documentation 

SCORM Engine 2014.1
  • Tin Can Recipe creation support
  • Tin Can Recipes included out of the box: Video Recipe, Results Summary Recipe and CMI Interactions Recipe
  • Beta version of the modern, responsive player

View SCORM Engine 2014.1 documentation

SCORM Engine 2013.2
  • Tin Can results object aggregation for easy reporting
  • Statement forwarding

View SCORM Engine 2013.2 documentation

SCORM Engine 2013.1
  • Tin Can API Version 1.0 support
  • Offline SCORM player extension API now available
  • Internet Explorer compatibility package property launched

View SCORM Engine 2013.1 documentation and package properties

SCORM Engine 2012.2
  • Tin Can API Version 0.95 support
  • Concurrent launch detection
SCORM Engine 2012.1
  • Tin Can API Version 0.9 support
  • New SCORM Engine console

View SCORM Engine 2012.1 documentation and package properties

SCORM Engine 2011.1
  • New debug log, i.e. the “big red button”
  • Full translations of SCORM Engine available for 16 new languages:
    • Arabic (ar-AIIC)
    • Danish (ad-DK)
    • Welsh (cy-GB)
    • Chinese-Simplified (zh-Hans)
    • Chinese-Traditional (zh-Hant)
    • Dutch (nl-NL)
    • French (fr-FR)
    • German (de-DE)
    • Italian (it-IT)
    • Japanese (ja-JP)
    • Spanish (es-ES)
    • Russian (ru-RU)
    • Swedish (sv-SE)
    • Finnish (fi-FI)
    • English-United Kingdom (en-GB)
    • Portuguese (pt-BR)
  • Partial translations of SCORM Engine available for two new languages (user interface is translated but not administrator interface)
    • Hungarian (hu)
    • Norwegian (no)
  • Improvements to resolve problems related to the timing and processing of events during browser unloads
SCORM Engine 2010.1
  • PENS support
  • Improvements to AICC implementation
  • Improvements to SCORM 1.2 usability
SCORM Engine 2009.1
  • SCORM 2004 4th Edition support
  • Attempt history logging and reporting
  • New capabilities to facilitate deployment to Amazon’s cloud computing environment
  • Debug log submission feature to improve customer support

View SCORM Engine 2009.1 documentation

SCORM Engine 2008.1
  • Harmonized Java support
  • IMS Shareable State Persistence (SSP) available as an add-on
  • Simplified integration process

View SCORM Engine 2008.1 documentation

SCORM Engine 2007.1
  • SCORM 2004 3rd Edition support
  • AICC preview
  • Further offline support via offline SCORM player extension
SCORM Engine 2006.1
  • Debugging enhancements for bad content
  • Multilingual support
  • Package properties web control available
  • Web services integration available
SCORM Engine 2005.3
  • New reporting object and views making detailed tracking easy
  • Offline SCORM player extension now available
  • Java support
  • Unicode support
SCORM Engine 2005.2
  • Web service import available
  • Optimized Oracle stored procedures
SCORM Engine 2005.1
  • SCORM 2004 support
SCORM Content Player

Notable features from the first iteration of Rustici Engine, released early 2003:

  • SCORM 1.2 support
  • AICC support, limited

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