Phew! Now that DevLearn is over, we’ve been able to catch our breath and look back at such an incredible experience. Not only did we get a chance to meet our customers and talk to new people about our products, but we brought out an A-team, which included some new faces, who did an amazing job throughout the event.

But what was the vibe?

Across the four days that our team was there, it was very interesting to see what topics and products were buzzing around. As always, people do come to our booth for answers about their eLearning standards questions and SCORM Cloud mentions, but this year we also saw more interest in LRSs. Whether it was discussions on integrated LRS solutions or turn-key options, it was very exciting to see more people’s use of xAPI. The conversations that topped everything else all revolved around Content Controller. Content Controller has been an incredible help to our customers, and we were especially excited to discuss its impact with during our expo session this year.

One platform, many solutions

When exploring speaking ideas for DevLearn, our first reaction was to reach out to after working with them during Rustici: The Gathering, our virtual user summit. They are a national organization that helps businesses and individuals with security, surveillance and smart technology integrations. Ian McConnell, Manager of Digital Learning, at presented with Tammy Rutherford, our Managing Director, to go in-depth on their content distribution journey and strategy. Ian discussed how they started with a very manual process of updating new versions of courses, managing all the hundreds of courses across their library and distributing content across many different platforms and LMSs all year long. Once they implemented Content Controller, the time savings and process reduction was astronomical. Whether it was the versioning tools, the equivalents feature, central content library or dispatching, Content Controller went above and beyond to help them reduce man hours, cut costs and remove overbearing processes. Overall, the session went well with the attending audience in-person and those that watched via the livestream.

Rustici Software and at DevLearn 2023 Ian and Tammy DevLearn 2023 Tammy Rutherford at DevLearn 2023
Ian and Tammy presenting at DevLearn 2023.

You can watch the full recording of our DevLearn livestream session here. If you’re interested in learning more about Content Controller and its recent update, we have Andy’s “Best Of” Content Controller webinar coming up on November 14th at 10 AM CST. It will cover our favorite Content Controller features, the latest updates and discuss how customers use it to save time, cut costs and solve internal and external training needs.

Didn’t get a chance to talk with us at DevLearn and want to learn how we can help manage your growing course library? Reach out!

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