Wake Up Your Training Strategy: Alarm.com’s Approach to Content Sharing

Rise and shine with a fresh approach to sharing your training content! Discover the simplicity in effortlessly delivering and managing content across various learning platforms where admins can seamlessly control access and automatically provide learners with updated versions, all from a centralized course library. You’ll hear how Alarm.com not only safeguards an owner’s property, but also how they protect their training content and gain visibility into how their courses are used across their extensive partner and reseller network with Rustici Software’s Content Controller.

You invest a lot of time and energy into building training courses for internal use and for your customers and partners. As your reach grows, so does the number of LMSs you need to deliver training to, often both externally and internally. And chances are, you want to deliver that content in a way that’s compatible with every LMS, manageable for administrators, and easy for learners to access. Don’t worry, we’ve got the ultimate wake-up call for your training content distribution strategy. During this session, you’ll hear how Alarm.com used to have a very manually intensive process for updating and distributing their training anytime there were necessary content updates. Now, they’ve simplified their course management and reduced administrative burdens through centralized distribution. With Rustici Software’s Content Controller, Alarm.com easily shares courses across various platforms, has gained deeper insights into customer behavior, and scaled programs beyond teams, companies, and time zones.

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The session was recorded live during the DevLearn 2023 conference.