A single source of truth for your content

Whether you sell eLearning content, deliver product training, or manage employee learning, it’s essential to make sure learners always have the latest version of a course. Unfortunately, that usually means a ton of manual effort spent herding cats, err…we mean courses. Content Controller’s built-in version control tools ensure the best, most up-to-date content is always served to learners. Simply upload a new version into Content Controller which is automatically served to learners upon their next launch. No need to send out new files to clients.

Managing and maintaining content

Content Controller provides a single course library for your courses. Because you are hosting your courses, any configuration settings or versions are automatically delivered to learners when they launch the course.

  • Content types supported

    We’ve got you covered, regardless of the standard. All of the following can be imported directly into Content Controller:

    • SCORM 1.2; SCORM 2004 (all editions)
    • AICC
    • cmi5
    • xAPI (sometimes called Tin Can)
    • MP4
    • PDF
  • Testing and configuration tools

    Avoid any unnecessary surprises by making sure your content plays and tracks just as you intend. With Content Controller’s built-in testing and debugging tools, you can preview courses before sharing them and troubleshoot any issues in advance.

  • Version control

    Easily manage updates to your courses in one place. Simply upload the new version of your course into Content Controller and you’re all set—no need to share updated files with clients.

Questions about version control in Content Controller?

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