Easily handle multi-language courseware

Using the Equivalents feature in Content Controller allows you to collect all of the course files for each language and share it with clients as a single proxy file. LMS admins will thank you for making their job easier as they only need to import and assign a single file. Content Controller handles the rest, offering the learner which language options are available upon launch.

  • What is an equivalent?

    In addition to regular courses, Content Controller can deliver equivalents which are made up of regular courses with equivalent material presented in different languages. Let’s say you have a course that you offer in English, Spanish, and French. The equivalent allows you to package the English, Spanish, and French versions of the course as a single file that you can share with your client. Equivalents can be shared with accounts exactly like regular courses, but when launched they present the learner with a menu of available languages. Selecting a language will deliver the regular course configured for that language.

  • How do they work?

    A single file is shared with an account that your client will import and assign in their LMS just as they would any course. When the learner launches the course, Content Controller offers the course in the language based on the learner’s browser settings (if available). The learner will also see a drop-down menu of all language options available to choose their language preference. Content Controller serves the course in the selected language to the learner and the LMS only knows the course has been satisfied.

Questions about equivalents in Content Controller?

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