Every year, Andy Whitaker looks forward to reading all of the industry “best of” and “top 10” lists and sharing how so many of our customers make those reports. This year, we decided to turn the tables and have Andy create a “top things to know about Content Controller” webinar. What key features would make his list? Could it be the seamless content management, effortless course versioning or the magic of easily supporting different standards? The answer awaits, so be sure to tune in!

Join us as Andy shares in his best awards announcer voice:

  • Why Content Controller deserves a spot on its own “best of” list.
  • What features customers find most beneficial.
  • How he demos the platform in front of a live audience.

The bonus list. We couldn’t ask Andy to do a webinar without letting him be the first to show off the newest Content Controller release, now could we?

Access the webinar recording