We’re back and recovered from our week in Vegas attending DevLearn 2022. We brought an all-star team across support, sales, engineering, product and marketing to learn more about our customers and the industry. With so much going on between the sessions, expo floor conversations, networking events and maybe getting lost in Omega Mart, I’ve finally had a chance to reflect on my experience while at the conference.

Rustici Software is well known as the eLearning standards experts with many attendees familiar with our SCORM Cloud platform. It’s always great to hear from our many fans who shared “I use SCORM Cloud for testing content and love it!!” as that warms our hearts. The expo floor is a great opportunity to catch up with our existing customers who are also DevLearn exhibitors and use our software behind the scenes in their learning products. But the real surprise for me was hearing the interest expressed for our Content Controller product. I personally came away feeling we had a huge breakthrough in its product brand recognition. Now, building brand awareness might not excite others who aren’t marketers like me, but I have to say, it was incredible to hear “I listened to your talk about Content Controller and I’d like to learn more.”

History lesson on Content Controller

Content Controller was inspired from a trade show conversation we had with the SANS Institute about their content distribution challenges back in 2015. Not too long later, we launched Content Controller to the market. Training companies and content publishers were the original benefactors of Content Controller but it’s also a tool that learning and development departments can use to centralize their content across internal systems and Extended Enterprise use cases. Over the years, we’ve created eBooks on topics including an Introduction to Content Distribution and a Guide to Extended Enterprise Training to help educate folks on the various options to solve their content delivery problems.

Telling our product story through our customer’s voice

Now, let me bring it full circle. Content Controller was born out of that conference conversation all those years ago, and this DevLearn we were able to showcase just how much the product has grown and matured. Dan deBeaubien, Head of Innovation at SANS Institute, co-presented with Tammy Rutherford, our Managing Director, to share their experience before and after using Content Controller. His narrative was extremely valuable as his pain points are ones that so many can relate to. Whether it was his recollection on how SANS spent hundreds of hours on content administration to manage delivering and updating courses individually to each client LMS or handling courses in 44+ languages, I saw many nodding heads in the standing room only session. Since adding Content Controller, SANS now seamlessly delivers multi-language content that’s compatible with multiple systems, automatically serves new versions to learners and controlled access all from a single course library. Dan and Tammy’s talk truly resonated and was a great conversation starter for many who stopped by our booth to chat.

George and Chris presenting at DevLearn 2021.

Dan and Tammy presenting at DevLearn 2022.

You can watch the full recording of our DevLearn livestream session and view slides here. If you’re interested in learning more about Content Controller, we have a webinar next week on the Egg-cellent Ways Content Controller Helps Your Organization’s Training Needs. It will cover what our customers’ favorite Content Controller solutions are and discuss new and innovative ways they’re using it to save time, cut costs and solve internal and external training needs. And Chris Tompkins will finally get to spill all of his favorite bird puns.

Missed us at DevLearn but want to learn how we can help manage your growing courses library? Reach out as we’d love to talk with you. Looking forward to seeing what DevLearn ‘23 has in store!

As Senior Marketing Manager, Tara leads the charge on our marketing strategy by developing targeted campaigns to generate demand for our products. She coordinates our large events, advertising and enjoys digging into the data to analyze the performance of our efforts. She’s also a serious skier – she got engaged in Vail and honeymooned in Banff.