A little birdie told me that you may have heard that Content Controller helps easily share training without worrying about standards, manage course versions and maintain your intellectual property, but did you know there are other ways it can help your organization’s training needs?

In this egg-citing webinar, Chris Tompkins, Director of Sales, and Elizabeth Mohr, Client Success Manager, are putting their ducks in a row to chat about what our customers’ favorite Content Controller features are and discuss new and innovative ways they’re using it to save time, cut costs and solve internal and external training needs. However, we aren’t responsible for their fowl bird puns. 

Learn more about how Content Controller can:

  • Help easily distribute your training out to customer, partner and reseller LMSs. And provide examples of how other organizations are doing just that.
  • Manage your content when moving LMSs or when your organization has multiple LMSs, which saves you from republishing pains and you’ll maintain access to content.
  • Deliver training containing more sensitive content with rules around security and privacy.
  • Offer content in multiple languages for your employees or for your external clients. 

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