RIP to manual course packaging: How SANS streamlines content distribution

You invest a lot of time and energy creating courses when building custom learning and training solutions, publishing commercial content, or having courses spread across multiple internal systems. And chances are, you want to deliver that content in a way that’s compatible with every LMS, manageable for admins, and easy for learners to access. This was the case for Dan deBeaubien with the SANS Institute, a global leader in information cyber security training, when they started their journey to solving their content distribution problems.

During this session you’ll hear how SANS was able to dig out from under the growing burden of managing content delivery, solve internal challenges, and improve their customers’ experience with their training programs when they incorporated Rustici Software’s Content Controller solution. This was no easy feat considering that they deliver more than a million training modules per week to over six million learners worldwide and in multiple languages. Before using Content Controller, SANS was on the brink of an apocalypse as their team spent hundreds of hours on content administration alone to manage delivering and updating courses individually to each client LMS. Not to mention struggling with how to gracefully handle the 28 languages they offer without exponentially increasing the admin burden. They also lacked insight into content usage patterns and had a difficult time managing licenses. Since adding Content Controller to their arsenal, they’ve slayed their content management foes, seamlessly delivered multi-language content that’s compatible with multiple systems, automatically served new versions to learners, and controlled access all from a single course library.

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The session was recorded live during the DevLearn 2022 conference.