There is no “i” in team, and here at Rustici Software, we believe in that wholeheartedly when it comes to working with our sister organizations. Recently, the best and brightest of our teams got together to provide gold medal-level service and were recognized for it by earning a spot atop an industry podium.

Content Controller gets a gold Brandon Hall Group award

The award comes from The Brandon Hall Group, who for the past 30 years, have empowered, recognized and certified excellence for learning and talent organizations worldwide. Their Technology Excellence Awards program highlights solution providers offering technologies to learning, talent management, talent acquisition, HR, workforce management and sales enablement organizations. This past year, Rustici Software won a coveted Gold award for Best Advance in Learning Management Technology for External Training for our work with our customer, AICPA & CIMA, in a combined effort with LTG brands, GP Strategies and Bridge LMS.

In creating this home run of a learning implementation for AICPA & CIMA, Content Controller had some big shoes to fill. AICPA & CIMA is a financial industry professional association with over 600,000 members worldwide who need their content to stay up-to-date on the latest training, rules and regulations. Managing, distributing and tracking all that content was becoming too difficult in a period of newfound growth while maintaining the excellent member learning experience. They were also in need of a solution that worked together with their other learning systems to build a cohesive, centralized learning ecosystem. That’s when Content Controller entered the game to bring some new plays to their book to help them win again.

Seamless version control and access management

With Content Controller’s intuitive access control features, AICPA & CIMA can enforce content licenses, ensuring only those with access can take courses from their own LMS. Plus, when courses are centrally hosted and managed, any updates or changes are automatically available to their learners without having to send out new files. Whether it’s a typo correction or a high-stakes regulatory update, all changes are handled seamlessly with version control tools, so learners are always accessing the correct version of the course.

Multilingual accessibility and newfound reporting analytics

Content Controller’s Equivalents feature allows AICPA & CIMA to map and package all support language options for their content into a single, shareable package. Equivalent packages can then be loaded into the LMS and assigned as a single course instead of the multiple files and steps that often accompany multilingual courses. On the learner side, the language options are presented at launch with the default selection using the browser settings. After all the content is configured and sent, built-in reporting tools provide shareable reports that let AICPA & CIMA track usage across accounts, course-level details and learner-level transcripts.

We are incredibly happy that our work with Content Controller and AICPA & CIMA was recognized by the Brandon Hall Group, and we are even more excited that it led to a full fledged learning ecosystem with the help of LTG brands: Bridge and GP Strategies. We recommend checking out the press release if you are interested in learning more about the award and what went into it.

Curious about how Content Controller could help your association? Make sure to look into our ebook, on how you can streamline your content today. Any questions on Content Controller or really anything else? Make sure to contact us and our team would be delighted to chat.

Josh Darpino is our Product Marketing Manager who brings a love of tech and strategy as well as a creative eye to the marketing team at Rustici Software. When he’s not racing to send important product information out to our customers, he’s running across the finish line in races ranging from 5Ks to half marathons.