As the biggest Hamil-fan at the office, I am always ready to squeeze references to “Hamilton” lyrics into any conversation. I even wrote a version of “My Shot” for my cover letter when I applied to work at Rustici. Once I realized that Elizabeth and Alexander happened to have the same number of letters, there was no stopping me. Cut to Spring 2022 when I signed up to help with the planning of the inaugural Rustici: The Gathering, little did I know I’d also be signing up for my debut live performance hosting a webinar on one of our most popular products, Rustici Engine.  

Our flagship product, Rustici Engine, began as a solution to launch, play, and track SCORM content within an LMS or learning platform. Many of our customers first licensed Engine back when it was originally called SCORM Engine. With a new version of Engine releasing nearly every year, it’s no wonder that customers may not realize all the exciting things that Engine can do!  

As an Account Manager, I chat with customers every day about what problems they’re looking to solve and how to get the most out of their Rustici products. Since I don’t have a technical background myself, I’m fortunate that I can always call on my right-hand man, Kyle Patmor. As Director of Client Integrations and Support, you could say Kyle has been in the room where it happens many times over the years. In this webinar, he serves as a technical expert to answer common questions we hear from customers.  

Whether you are a current Rustici Engine customer looking to get the most out of Engine, or on the hunt for a content player for your learning platform, check out the full recording of our Don’t throw away your shot with Rustici Engine session. Read on for a brief recap of what I asked and Kyle’s answers.  

Rustici Engine has solved my SCORM problems, but I keep hearing about xAPI, LTI, and cmi5…does Engine support these standards?

Yes! Engine has a built-in, fully compliant Learning Record Store (LRS) to store xAPI data and can import and launch both Tin Can and cmi5 packages. xAPI statement data can be forwarded to external analytics and reporting systems. Additionally, Engine supports LTI 1.1 and 1.3.   

Does Engine support content that isn’t standardized?

Yes! Engine supports media files, including PDF, MP3, and MP4 content. We’ve also branched out to connect to platforms where customers may already host videos, such as YouTube and Vimeo. If you have an external page or resource for learners, you can use the URL to make that a course in Engine to launch and track. Non-standardized content in Engine is using cmi5 under the hood to track completion status, progress percentage, duration, and bookmarking.  

I am interested in integrating a 3rd-party content library into my learning platform, is there a way to do that with Engine?

Yes! Engine has a content connector with Go1. You can use Engine’s API to search Go1’s premium content library from within your platform. Specific pieces of content found through the search can be imported using Engine’s normal import API. 

How can I manage content once it’s in Engine?

  • Course Versioning: You can import new versions of a course and control behavior for existing learners.  
  • Download Course Files: You can download a zip of the imported course and download the individual files.
  • Distribution Content: You can distribute content to a 3rd-party without giving away any of your intellectual property with Rustici Dispatch.  

Can I launch courses on a mobile device or a custom mobile app?

Yes! Engine is a responsive player and is mobile-friendly. You can launch in a mobile browser or webview in mobile applications. Additionally, we offer an offline player extension if you have a need for downloading courses and launching in an offline setting. Learner progress will sync back to Engine when online. The Offline Player only supports SCORM 1.2 currently.   

Want to see more of the Rustici Engine features you may have missed? Then you don’t want to throw away your shot watching our webinar. We’re already seeing customers excited to start using features they didn’t know about. Interested in learning how Rustici Engine can integrate into your product? What are you waiting for, ask us!

Elizabeth is a client success manager with the Account Management team primarily with Rustici Engine and Content Controller customers. She prides herself on ensuring customers are delighted with their software, make full use of its capabilities and answers customer questions along the way. Previously, she spent 10 years teaching elementary students and brings a unique perspective to the world of eLearning.