We’ve recently been helping a lot of our Rustici Engine customers update their learning platforms, deploy small fixes, and troubleshoot the problems they were seeing related to Chrome 80 browser update. For some of our customers, this was a huge surprise, for others they were prepared back in September when we notified them, and for others, they never needed to worry about it.

For us, it was another Tuesday.

One of the most important parts of working with Rustici Software is the care and focus we put towards the eLearning standards we support and how they interact with the evolving technical landscape around us.

In this situation, our team has been following the technical changes of the various web browsers for years. In 2013, we were early to provide ways for our customers to keep their training running smoothly when Internet Explorer functionality changed. This time we were able to provide patch releases of the most recent Rustici Engine version, as well as, guidance on how to deploy this patch in older versions reaching as far back as 2009.

However, one thing was different about this time around—our hosted customers had a seamless experience.

Over the last several years we’ve seen our SCORM Cloud integrated eLearning content player continue to grow in usage. More recently, we’ve seen our switch to offering Rustici Engine managed hosting environments resonate with our customers more than we ever imagined. In both cases, fixes like those avoided the problems that came with the Chrome 80 update as those updates were rolled out to our customers silently, automatically, and without a fuss. They never missed a beat.

We’re unbelievably proud of the support team (lovingly referred to as the “Delight” team internally) and the hosting team here at Rustici Software. Our ability to host and support these environments for our customers has given us more control of our customers’ satisfaction than we ever had before and continues to resonate with one of our core values—empathy. This constructive approach to software allows us to solve our customers’ problems rather than focus on the reason the problem exists.

We desperately want to be the people you turn to focus on, and worry about, eLearning standards. By taking this work from our customers, we continue to free up their development teams to focus on cool and amazing feature improvements that help set their learning platforms apart and we couldn’t be happier to be taking that work off their plates.

TJ is the Chief Technology Officer at PeopleFluent, another Learning Technologies Group company, though he used to be CEO here at Rustici Software. He is passionate, expressive and has the most distinctive laugh you’ll ever hear.