The benefits of managed hosting

  • Save money by working with us

    Hosting software has unavoidable hard costs but it’s not just the computer hardware, bandwidth and storage that’s expensive. It’s the human beings and intelligence required to build, maintain and monitor the service that’s really costly. Lucky for you, we already have full-time people focused on doing this, so working with us costs a lot less than doing it on your own.

  • Remove the burden from your developers

    Because your developers have many other things they can build and do, they’ll always have a reason to leave the hosting as “good enough.” But hosting should never be just that. Hosting should be remarkable and reliable. It should be bulletproof. Let us take care of hosting so that your scarcest resources can focus on what really matters: your application.

  • Stay up to date on Rustici’s software

    Using managed hosting services means we take care of updating your software to the latest version and you want to be on the latest version. We are active in the eLearning industry and our products reflect the latest shifts and best practices, ensuring you’re always using the latest security, performance and feature improvements.

  • Decrease set-up time

    While clients are always excited to get started, we’ve seen integrations stall when they lack a team to support installing the software. We can stand up your production environment in 24 hours. We’ll manage deployment, monitoring, server maintenance and backups.

Our hosting environments are secure and highly available

Hosting web applications is hard; doing it well is even harder. It may be easy to stand up a server on which to run the software. It’s a lot harder to build a secure, highly available environment that can hold up under heavy traffic spikes, scale to meet demand and not cost a fortune. We’ve figured out the best systems and processes to consistently maintain stable and scalable environments (and we’ve got the ISO 27001 certification to prove it).

We can support Service Level Agreements (SLAs) up to 99.9%

In practice, we operate under the assumption that downtime isn’t acceptable. That’s why we provide a 99.9% SLA for all managed hosting applications. We know you and your clients depend on our services being up and running 24×7, and we’ve engineered them to be self-healing.

Contact us to learn more about hosting

We’d love to talk to you about how we can help take the challenge of hosting off your shoulders.