Imagine you are faced with two different paths. Both paths will help you get what you ultimately want—to reach the correct learner. Take one path, and you’ll go down a road that is ideal for employees, extended enterprise use cases, and best suited for internal stakeholders. Proceed down the other, and you’ll find yourself in an ideal situation for distributing content to customers and clients. At this fork in the road, you have to ask yourself “who is our content for?”

Content Controller is the solution to use no matter which path you choose. Both use cases are great ways to streamline the manual processes that tie up important company resources. With Content Controller’s flexibility, it means that no matter what your strategy is, you can take full advantage of license management, version control, and robust reporting and analytics, saving your team valuable time.

If you’ve never seen Content Controller before, our two upcoming demos are a great chance to experience first-hand how you can distribute content to learners effectively while protecting valuable intellectual property and saving countless administrative hours. In the demo, you’ll learn about some of Content Controller’s most valuable features including:

  • Content testing and configuration
  • How to manage new content updates and versions
  • Course licensing settings and access control
  • Built-in usage reporting and content analytics

Usually, we talk to customers in a one-on-one setting and show them our demo based on their business challenges. For the first time ever, we are offering two open demos for anyone to join, tailored to your content strategy objectives.

Now it’s time to choose your own adventure. Check out our demo times below and join us for a 30-minute session on Content Controller.

Tuesday, July 27th from 10:00-10:30AM CDT

  • Who it’s for: Organizations who need to serve training across multiple internal LMSs or for extended enterprise solutions
  • Focused topics: Managing course versions and standards compatibility in a centralized course library
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Wednesday, July 28th from 10:00-10:30AM CDT

  • Who it’s for: Training companies and content publishers who sell access to their content subscriptions
  • Focused topics: Managing content access and licensing to protect your valuable intellectual property
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