Content Controller: The easiest way to centralize content across your learning ecosystem

It’s easier than ever to manage your courseware across learning systems for employees, contractors, partners, and third-party learners. Let us show you how to centralize content across your entire learning ecosystem the easy way with Content Controller. Do you have training content you’d like to share in multiple learning standards? No problem. With Content Controller, you can upload and distribute content in several common learning standards to ensure your content just works in each system.

In this 30-minute demonstration, Andy Whitaker will help you organize your training content library and centralize all your learning materials into a common course catalog. He will walk you through how to use Content Controller so you can tackle the challenges that come up when you need content to work across multiple systems. See how you can upload new content versions in a snap and bid farewell to manually uploading content into multiple LMSs.

In this free webinar, you will:

  • See a demo of Content Controller
  • Learn how the platform helps you test, configure and organize your content into a single content library
  • Experience the ease of updating content across all of your platforms at once
  • Learn how to consolidate usage reports across all learners in every system

Get access to the webinar recording and slides