Here at Rustici Software, we are really spoiled. Working at a company that continually and intentionally does its best to support and take care of its employees with a benefits package including the following already feels almost too good to be true including 100% paid health, dental and vision.

Those things alone make us feel warm and fuzzy inside and like this company really does want to ensure the health and safety of its employees…

But wait! There’s more! Not only do Rusticians receive all of the above, but they also get access to Jenafits. (It’s called Jenafits because Jena used to run it, but now she works for our spin off company, Watershed LRS.)

Jenafits are the things that allow Hannah (that’s me!) to make sure that everyone who works within the walls of this building are happy and having fun while they’re here. Jenafits allow Rustici Software, as a company, to help alleviate the stressors of daily life so that when we’re working, we don’t have to set aside time to take care of personal things, both the expected ones—like keeping our houses cleaned or yards mowed—and the unexpected ones—like needing to have a tire patched because you ran over a nail on your way to work.

Jenafits has two parts to it: the perks part and the concierge part. Jenafits perks works by way of a flexible, points-based system in which each employee has a set number of points to spend throughout the year.

Jenafits concierge works by having me around to take care of things that would otherwise cause you to interrupt your work day. Some examples:

Need an emissions test done on your vehicle? Jenafits concierge!

Have a package to drop off at UPS or the post office? Jenafits concierge!

Need a few groceries for dinner tonight? Jenafits concierge!

Forgot to grab a birthday present for your brother? Jenafits concierge!

Ran out of dog food? Jenafits concierge!

Going on vacation next month and need help sorting out transportation and things to do? Jenafits concierge!

Have electronics and old paint sitting in your garage that you’d like to dispose of? Jenafits concierge!

Need a poster framed? Jenafits concierge!

Have dry cleaning to be dropped of? Tennis racquets to be restrung? An online order to be picked up? Old clothes to be donated? Jenafits concierge!!

Okay… I think you get the point. 🙂

Jenafits concierge allows me to take care of all of the chores that accumulate for many of us and allows our folks to simply focus on their work when they are at the office. By not having to budget their hours during the workday to allow for errands during lunch or an hour spent waiting at the emissions testing station, they instead get to focus on producing remarkable work when they’re here. This, in turn, saves them time spent on those chores outside of work and (hopefully) grants them more time for enjoying their lives when they aren’t here. 

I think that is pretty cool, and it’s probably one of my favorite parts of what I do. Jenafits concierge tasks keep me on my feet and out of the office (I don’t spend too much time sitting behind a desk, that’s for sure!) and make my workdays interesting, because I never know what each day will hold or where it’s going to bring me. How fun is that?!

For most people, once they find out about our benefits and Jenefits, their next question is, “So, are you hiring?”

The answer is that sometimes we are, and sometime we aren’t. You can click here to see a list of what jobs (if any) we’re currently hiring for.

Speaking of hiring, we have been doing our fair share of that during the last few months. We welcomed Kirsty and Tara (both work in Marketing) in April, and this month we welcomed both

Chris (he’s a Software Developer) and Avery (she’s in our Finance Department)!

It’s always exciting to add new faces to our team. Our new office (hmm… how long are we allowed to refer to our office as ‘new’??) that once felt so big and empty is feeling a little bit less so these days!