• Chris Hooks


    Chris decided he hadn’t had enough of Rustici, and joins the team again for his second year. A Nashville native, he joins us from Miami University of Ohio. 

    He’s baaack! Chris interned with us for two summers, and worked part-time with us for a third, and then finally decided he ought to join us full time post-college graduation. We’re excited to have him here as an official Rustician, where he’ll spend his time on Engine development.

    These things are still true of Chris: in his spare time, he enjoys working with cars as well as riding his motorcycle. Additionally, he has dabbled in making his own electronic music. He has a soft spot for dogs, especially Corgis and other short-legged varieties. A newer hobby that he has started to get into is snowboarding. (Update, June 2017: When asked how the snowboarding was going, Chris said, “minus the broken leg this past January, it’s going great!” Hmm. Broken leg. Sounds great indeed…. keep practicing, Chris. 🙂  He says he’ll probably join in on the annual Rustici co-vacationing ski trip, and promises to try and not break his leg if he accompanies the group. We’ll keep our fingers crossed.)

    Chris claims to be an adequate juggler, and might be the only juggling Rustician! We’ll put this to the test and report back. Stay tuned!