I talk to clients every day about how they differentiate themselves in an increasingly crowded L&D market. Here at Rustici Software, we love hearing about problems our clients are trying to solve. We often find ourselves talking to our customers about things that our products may not even help with, and that’s great! After all, our website specifically says to “ask us anything.” Part of why we are so willing to do this is that we truly want to see our clients be successful. In order to be competitive, you have to focus on what you do best to make your product unique.

This is especially true in the fascinating new world of Learning Experience Platforms (LXPs), where Degreed has really established itself as a leader. As they built their platform and client base, it became increasingly evident that, along the abundant content options they offered, eLearning standards-based content was still an integral part of so many of their clients’ training initiatives. Oh boy, this scenario happens to be right in our wheelhouse! By building an integration with the SCORM Cloud API, Degreed can support SCORM, AICC and xAPI content which allows clients to bring courses from authoring tools or other third parties into their Degreed environment. While the beauty of the LXP is to more easily connect learners with a wide variety of external content, many clients still have a ton of content they have created in house that they also want to deliver via their LXP. In the end, the SCORM Cloud API integration let Degreed quickly and efficiently solve a problem while spending most of their time and resources focusing on what they do best. As the saying goes, you do you!

But, we didn’t stop there. I mentioned earlier that we truly want our clients to be successful. Part of that is helping to communicate the value our software has to the end-user, or in this case, Degreed clients. When you’re working with software that works completely behind the scenes, it’s not always easily apparent what value it is bringing to that platform and its end users. I knew we had a huge opportunity here to tell this story both internally and out. We’re proud to share this case study with Degreed, along with a huge assist from Degreed’s client, Atlassian, who was able to reap the benefits of the SCORM Cloud API integration while using Degreed.

Ryan works closely with our customers as an account manager. He is most passionate about his family, but he also really likes sports (Everton soccer, Cardinals baseball, and Hoosiers for anything college.)