We’re so excited to roll Content Controller v2.2 out! This release is the culmination of a years’ worth of work building new features, taking your direct feedback and ideas, and adding them right into the application. With Content Controller v2.2, we’ve made it easier to manage all of your user credentials via single sign-on, get a more detailed picture of user actions with Audit Logging, improve your learners’ experience across multilingual courses with Equivalents, and much more.

What’s new in Content Controller v2.2

Centrally manage user credentials with single sign-on

With the new SAML-based single sign-on (SSO) integration, your users can now access Content Controller through a wide variety of identity providers including Active Directory.

Get a comprehensive log of every user action with Audit Logging

For even more flexibility and control, all of your user’s actions are written to a new, separate log file and includes the user’s ID, the actions they performed, and when they did it. For example: when someone adds a course to an equivalent, the message would indicate the user, course name, language, and equivalent.

Add custom languages to Equivalents

In addition to the default language options that ship with Content Controller, you can now add in any language directly in the application (under the “Administration” section).

Equivalents language selection improvements

In Content Controller v2.2, we’re making the language selection process more seamless than before. Equivalents—a feature only available in Content Controller—gives your learners the ability to choose a language preference for each course. Equivalents package and deliver courses created in multiple languages to an LMS using only one package. We know managing courses with multiple languages can be a challenge, so Equivalents makes this process easy for you and your learners. 

In v2.1 and earlier, the learner was greeted with a language selection page whenever an equivalent was launched. This page displayed every time—even if they launched the same equivalent they had been working on previously—and it took up time and interrupted their learning experience.

Now, in Content Controller v2.2, we’ll use a learner’s previous language selection to bypass the language selection screen and launch them directly into the course, making it easy to quickly access their courses and get on with their training!

We also are making it easier for learners to change the language they’re learning in, especially if they’ve bypassed the language selection screen. We added a new language button below the course’s content so your learners can select and relaunch the course in the new language anytime.

Note: These features require a Content Controller account administrator to enable them before they’re available for learners. 

Wrap up

Already using Content Controller and want to upgrade to the new features? Reach out to us to schedule an upgrade. You also may be interested in reading more about the release on our Knowledge Base.

If you’re not yet a Content Controller customer and you want to learn more about how it can help you better deliver and manage your courses, get in touch! We’d love to schedule a demo.

Luke is a brand new Nashvillian having recently moved here from Maryland where he was born and raised. He's our Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer and helps us test for bugs in our software.