From my office cheerfully decorated in pom pom garland and whiteboard plastered with a color-coded system of sticky notes to my occasional “hanitizer” slip-up, it’s pretty obvious around the Rustici office that I used to be an elementary school teacher. One of my favorite aspects of teaching was always building relationships with students and learning about their needs in order to help solve challenges they faced in the classroom. Whether providing intervention to a child struggling with reading comprehension or building confidence in a student before an oral presentation, I found joy in determining the best method of solving those problems. These experiences as a teacher providing instruction both in-person and virtually give me a unique perspective on the work Rustici does within the eLearning space. In my role as an Account Manager, I am in the position to build relationships with our customers every day. I am regularly in communication with our customers about their goals and challenges they face. I have the privilege of seeing first hand how Rustici products have provided solutions for a variety of challenges within the eLearning industry, from playing and tracking standardized content to centralizing and distributing it.

One of the leading problems that we help to solve is providing support within Learning Management Systems (LMSs) to import, play, and track SCORM content. It is not unusual over time for LMS users to begin requesting support for SCORM, xAPI, and other eLearning standards. Fortunately for them, helping eLearning applications play nicely together happens to be our specialty. Our Rustici Engine software is working behind the scenes in hundreds of LMSs and learning platforms around the world.

A quick dive into the world of SCORM led VAIRKKO directly to us. What began back in 2009 as a training platform specifically for emergency management, VAIRKKO has evolved into an impressive workforce and operations learning platform. As their business began to grow, so did the requests for SCORM support within their platform. Their team estimated that building their own support for SCORM would take at least a year of dedicated work and the onboarding of another developer to their team. Engine was an obvious solution as it not only saved them time and money, but also allowed for unlimited support and upgrades. VAIRKKO also elected to utilize our managed hosting service, which removed the burden of hosting from their developers.

With the integration of Engine, VAIRKKO experienced more sales and an increased adoption of SCORM within their application. They also saved money and development time by working with us over building their own solution. Check out their case study to learn more about why VAIRKKO VP of Sales, Brian Polackoff, says that choosing Rustici Engine was a “no-brainer” solution for his team.

Elizabeth is a client success manager with the Account Management team primarily with Rustici Engine and Content Controller customers. She prides herself on ensuring customers are delighted with their software, make full use of its capabilities and answers customer questions along the way. Previously, she spent 10 years teaching elementary students and brings a unique perspective to the world of eLearning.