• Avery Laster


    As the newest member of the Accounting Department, Avery is already in the running for the most beloved Rustician here, because part of her role is to make sure we all get paid. Naturally this makes us have all the heart eyes for Avery!* <3

    She has two young daughters, which she says means she doesn’t have too much time for herself these days, and when asked what she would do with 2-3 child-free hours, she quickly responded with, “SLEEP!” (Psst, Avery, the couch in Team Beef is out-of-this-world comfortable and great for naps. Just sayin’….)

    When she’s not day-dreaming about naps, she really enjoys to spend time with her family and friends and catch up on her DVR. Lately it’s been recording shows like America’s Got Talent, The Voice, This Is Us and any/all of the Chicago series. There are a few This Is Us viewers in the building now, which just means that our Wednesday morning post-show recap conversation** has gained another participant!

    There’s just one little problem with the addition of Avery to the Accounting Department. She is a passionate Auburn football fan. Which is all fine and dandy, except for the fact that Catherine, who sits directly across from Avery, is a die-hard Alabama fan. I don’t know much about sports, but even I know that this is a recipe for disaster come fall!!! We might have to temporarily relocate one of them to a different office for a few months. I suspect there will be some good stories to come out of this Departmental rivalry. Stay tuned!

    *Truthfully, we think she’s pretty rad regardless of what she’s here to do.

    **This isn’t actually a thing. Editor’s Note to Self: Make post-show recap conversation a thing.