• Kirsty Hughan


    Kirsty claims to have perfected the chocolate chip cookie. She loves to cook and bake and used to run a lifestyle blog where she featured a monthly cookie test that supposedly yielded this holy grail chocolate chip cookie. We have yet to have seen or tasted any of her cookies in the office, however, so at this time we cannot confirm or deny this cookie rumor.

    She really loves movies and is a regular at the Belcourt. She studied film in college, and rattled off a lot of old, classic films that she loves, two favorites being The Rules of the Game and Window Water Baby Moving.

    As our Marketing Manager, Kirsty leads the charge on our general marketing needs including (but not limited to) managing our PR, content, website and social media. She works in Friendship Hall, but is not a member of the Friendship Feline Fan Club* (for now). (Kirsty has since been quoted as saying, “I will definitely not be a member of that club.”)

    *See Tara Morey