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Jena Garrett as a unit of measurement on the delight-o-meter

Measure your success by the delight of your customers

Just having a great product is not enough. Many people forget that exceptional customer support is one of the most important parts of an organization’s ongoing success. Why? It’s most often the only contact a customer has with your company. Receiving the help they need…

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Easier App Management with SCORM Cloud API

Working in the Cloud is supposed to make things easier. Well, if you’re working with the SCORM Cloud API, we've made it even easier. SCORM Cloud is built to be integrated into other applications. To let SCORM Cloud communicate with these applications, we use identifiers…

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A heart with the word "work" in the middle

How to Succeed in a New Job

It’s not easy being the new guy at work—especially during the first few months when the environment is new and the products are unfamiliar. So how do you make the best of your integration time? Before you think about building a 90 day plan and…

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Rustici interns sat at a table doing work on their laptops

Making Code, Not Coffee: The interns are here!

In April, we sent out a survey to see what Tin Can tools the community wants us to build. To help us out, we’ve hired four interns who’ll build some of the tools that were voted on. Our four new members, Chris, Jake, Nolan, and…

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COMING THIS SUMMER: SCORM Engine 2014.1 Release

The 2014.1 SCORM Engine release will be out in the next couple of weeks. And it‘s going to blow your mind. We’ve been working on some major (awesome) overhauls. With over 28 improvements and enhancements, you might want to schedule your upgrade ASAP. ** Here…

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SCORM Cloud What Now?! Using Tags for Custom Reports

SCORM Cloud Reportage provides a simple snapshot of your learners’ activities, but sometimes you don’t want a picture of ALL your learners. Want to know the completions of a specific department? The average score of learners within a specific geography? The amount of time new…

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Rustici staff enjoying a day of paintball

Sun’s Out, Guns Out

There’s a running joke around the office about sunshine and Ervin’s arms. Basically, if the sun is visible, so are his "guns" (arms). It just so happens that in addition to Ervin’s arms, we had some actual guns out on Monday, too. As our quarterly…

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A lonely basketball on an empty basketball court

Pep Talks Aren’t Just for Athletes

What do Rustici Software owners, Mike and Tim, have in common with Phil Jackson? They are all great coaches. If you’ve never heard of Phil Jackson, he is one of the best basketball coaches of all time. He was called the “Zen Master” because he…

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How to Distribute xAPI Content Through a SCORM-only LMS

You don’t have to wait for content players to catch up! If you’re creating the Experience API (xAPI) courses but getting frustrated by the limited number of players that can actually launch and report on them, here’s some great news: SCORM Cloud’s Dispatch service has…

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SCORM Cloud: What Now?! Deleting Users

Last time, I cautioned you against clicking the “Delete” button. Well, some things are just too important to delete—like users. That’s why the option to delete users in SCORM Cloud is not available. It just can’t be done. But Why!? Story time! Here is a…

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Rustici Staff dressed smartly for Fancy Friday

Suit Up! Fancy Fridays are Here

Corporate America looks forward to Friday because it’s close to the weekend and they usually get to dress casually. Not us. We love every day at work, and we get to wear what we want all the time. But we also like to have fun,…

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