Corporate America looks forward to Friday because it’s close to the weekend and they usually get to dress casually.
Not us.

We love every day at work, and we get to wear what we want all the time. But we also like to have fun, and sometimes it’s fun to play pretend and dress a little fancy. If the suits can dress down, then we can dress up!

When the idea of reversing casual friday was mentioned, there was support instead of grunts. We throw around silly ideas all the time, most often around the pong table at lunch. The great thing is that we seem to band together over these silly ideas.

And so, Fancy Friday was born.

Fancy Friday

It’s not mandatory, and we usually have sporadic participation, but that makes it more exciting.

You never know who’s going to dress up on a particular Friday. I almost always fancy it up because it’s a fun excuse to wear ridiculous heels. Ervin has made a few dashing appearances in the lineup so far. Ryan and Jena were recent additions—both super hip. And Freddie even dressed up one day while working from home! That’s dedication.

In the spirit of being supportive last week—and because he looks awesome in a blazer—Mike decided to partake in Fancy Friday—and, he did it right. Complete with blazer, dress pants, collared shirt, and what looked like freshly-polished shoes. The bad news? …he was the only one that dressed up!

I felt really bad. There was no way that I was going to let Mike be the only fancy one in the office. After all, the more logs you add to the fire, the longer it burns—and Fancy Friday needs to burn on!

There was only one thing to do: Go buy a new outfit.

So I did. Mike and I looked super official all day long. Instead of shaming me for forgetting, Mike made me feel cool by taking this picture –>

Mike Fancy Friday
Perhaps Fancy Friday won’t stick around forever—Vednesday, where we used to all wear v-necks on Wednesdays, didn’t— but the people who make it possible will.

Whether they’re dressed up or not, each person is a part of this silly new tradition in their own way. It’s really “just something else” to be a surrounded by the people of Rustici Software—no matter what the situation. This translates into work, too. Any idea—big or small— will be met with support. That’s just the kind of people we are.

Fancy Friday lives on!