You don’t have to wait for content players to catch up! If you’re creating the Experience API (xAPI) courses but getting frustrated by the limited number of players that can actually launch and report on them, here’s some great news:

SCORM Cloud’s Dispatch service has a new feature that enables a SCORM-only LMS to handle xAPI packages—without losing reporting data.

How is that possible?

First, you have to understand how SCORM Cloud Dispatch works. xAPI data is collected throughout the activity experience and stored in your CLOUD LRS. Once the user exits out of the course, the Dispatch updates the client LMS with the user progress in the form of SCORM data.

Why would I want to use this?

While the number of Experience API conformant LMSs is growing, many LMSs are still in transition. Dispatch allows for an immediate way to launch xAPI activities in LMSs that only support SCORM. You don’t have to be limited to SCORM-only courses while you wait for LMSs to catch up!

Content Creator Benefits:

  • There are now more types of courses you can distribute to customers
  • You can now maintain detailed xAIP statements in Cloud while still satisfying clients’ SCORM reporting needs

LMS/Client Benefits:

  • You’re no longer limited to SCORM-only courses
  • You can continue to receive SCORM-conformant reporting data

Where do I sign up?

It’s available now, so try it out! We even have free trial accounts to help you get started. To learn how to create a the Experience API Dispatch, go here.