How can software that you don’t see improve the way your company does business? When your company is growing, sometimes that is just what you want—software that runs in the background with little to no maintenance, that actually improves your everyday workflow.

That’s exactly what Rustici tackled with Intellezy—an eLearning solution for Microsoft Office, Office 365, Adobe and more. Keep reading to find out how Rustici Cross Domain (RXD) helped Intellezy improve day-to-day operations while meeting their content delivery needs.

Their need: Content delivery

When your content is tightly integrated with your platform, delivering SCORM packages across multiple platforms can be tough and time consuming. Now imagine that the subject matter of that content requires continuous updates.

Intellezy found that it would take a team of at least three additional employees to update and send SCORM packages to their customers. Not only was this time consuming, but it hindered these employees from focusing on projects that could improve their existing content and expand their presence in the eLearning market.

Our solution: Rustici Cross Domain (RXD)

As some people here at Rustici say, RXD does a little “black magic” by generating a SCORM proxy file that can be launched from an LMS, which points back to content that is hosted on Intellezy’s servers.

With the frequency of updates from Microsoft, Adobe and others, RXD helps Intellezy save on the time when it comes to updating content and making sure that customers always access the most accurate and current courseware. Since the content remains on Intellezy’s servers, once a course is updated, learners are automatically directed to the most current version upon launch. No more repackaging and sending out new files required. Magic!

The results: Save time and grow

Using RXD, Intellezy is now able to distribute up-to-date content to other LMS providers and marketplaces without having to package and repackage their content. This has freed up some valuable time. In fact, they’ve already seen some great benefits:

  • Reduced the time spent on updating and sending content by 80%
  • Allowed Intellezy to jump head first into the content aggregator market
  • Increased sales month-over-month by 3X

You can learn more about how Intellezy uses Rustici Cross Domain to distribute content in the full case study. Check out some of Rustici’s other magical products here. And remember, just because you can’t see us, doesn’t mean we aren’t there as a hidden superhero saving the day.

It was only a matter of time before Kyle found his way to working with us as a Client Success Manager. After all, he’s connected to about half our employees through friendships or past jobs. Maybe it’s because he’s so friendly: his wife says he could befriend a lamp post.