Intellezy offers a robust library of short-segment videos on computer software skills such as Microsoft Office, Office 365, Adobe Creative Cloud, Business/Leadership Skills, and other IT application topics. They use on-screen instructors to increase learner retention and engagement, delivering 7,000+ micro lessons and 180+ courses across their vast distribution network of eLearning marketplaces, white-label resellers, and direct sales to customers who want content in their own LMS.

Intellezy partnered with Rustici Software early on in product development to handle the content distribution aspect of their business. The Rustici Cross Domain (RXD) implementation was done in tandem with the development of their own product and took 6 weeks to complete.

The challenge

In order to stay competitive and match the frequency of the automatic updates pushed by Microsoft, Adobe and numerous other applications, Intellezy knew they needed an easy way to manage versions and enforce licensing limits for their clients. They estimated needing 4+ people dedicated solely to generating and sending new and updated SCORM packages out to each client individually.

Intellezy would have no visibility into the data to run a content audit if they relied on sending source files. Without this insight into how many users were accessing the content, they would have no control if a client surpassed their subscription terms. Additionally, the Intellezy team of trainers, presenters, and instructional designers needed to know how courses were being utilized to make improvements to the content itself and share revenue in some cases.

The solution

Intellezy came to Rustici Software for a simple, built-in way to distribute their large and dynamic catalog to both client LMSs and content marketplaces. The team at Intellezy built an entire workflow process incorporating RXD to generate SCORM proxy files that point to the content hosted on the Intellezy servers. The proxy files are uploaded to the client LMS or content marketplace, allowing for an easy workflow that only needs to be setup once. Once a lesson is launched, the learner is directed back to the Intellezy servers to access the content. This saves them time updating course files that are immediately available across their vast distribution network, allowing them to be the first to publish updates on the market. Sending training content via proxy files also helps keep storage size down and keeps course libraries better organized with automatic file replacement.

Even when we found out about the solutions that Rustici Software offered, we didn’t realize the gravity of how Rustici Cross Domain would transform how we operated from a business perspective with our clients overnight.

John Dukarski-French, Senior Manager of Platform Infrastructure, Special Projects & Client Services

The benefits

Accessibility to course marketplaces

RXD provides Intellezy with the tooling to participate in selling their content across aggregator marketplaces in a manageable way. By streamlining the implementation and content maintenance, they are faster to deliver the latest versions of content across their network.

Scalability for growing client base

The simple setup for a client to get on-boarded with a proxy file connection to their libraries through RXD makes it easy to distribute new or updated courses with the click of a button. This provides greater scalability as the small file size doesn’t require transferring through FTP or relying on their customers to continually upload the changes themselves.

Ensure consistent, up-to-date courses

Knowing that all learners are viewing the same courses and materials with consistent and current information brings reassurance to Intellezy. The accuracy is accomplished by automatically replacing the outdated content and cuts down the amount of erroneous files so learners are always accessing the most up-to-date content.

Visibility into data and metrics

With RXD, Intellezy now has visibility into client usage which directly helps them manage licensing and secure their revenue streams. They also use this data to identify and track the effectiveness of their courses.

The results

Since launching Rustici Cross Domain in 2017, Intellezy has seen:

  • 3X increase in sales month-over-month from the newly enabled content aggregator distribution channel
  • 4,000 lessons in the catalog get updated at least twice a year with more frequent updates to their most popular and frequently changing titles
  • 80% reduction in time spent updating existing content, saving the cost of 3 additional people per year
  • 70% of their client base use the RXD solution with an average of 110k+ plays per month
  • Notable increase in their brand name recognition with more partner inquiries coming in everyday
  • Better utilization of data to understand what training to create, update, or translate next based on course popularity

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