The latest versions of both Rustici Engine and Rustici Dispatch are now available! The new features make it simpler to get started with our products and manage your ongoing implementation. Rustici Engine 2018.1 includes updates to xAPI interactions that make it even easier to support xAPI. Rustici Dispatch 2018.1 now lets you share content as an LTI tool provider, a feature we also rolled out in Content Controller this year.

If you are looking for help hosting and managing your Engine/Dispatch implementation, we now offer managed hosting services to help offload that work. Our Managed Hosting services not only handle deployment and server management, they also manage your upgrades so you’re always on the latest version.

Below, you’ll find the highlights of the two releases (full Release Notes can be found in our Knowledge Base). Some features apply to both Rustici Engine and Rustici Dispatch, whereas LTI support only applies to Rustici Dispatch.

If you’re a current Engine and/or Dispatch customer and would like to schedule an upgrade, just reach out! Remember, new releases are always included in your license, so there are no additional fees.

If you are not yet a customer but want to learn more about our products, we’d love to help answer your questions.

Rustici Engine 2018.1 and Rustici Dispatch 2018.1 new features

The features below are now available in both Rustici Engine and Rustici Dispatch.

xAPI Interactions Reporting

If you’ve already built a reporting system around Engine’s registration data and are just now getting involved with xAPI, this one is for you. We’ve updated our products so that interactions from launched xAPI courses are available from the normal registration results API resource. We care about making sure you don’t have to think about eLearning standards and these updates help make that even easier.

Version 2 of the REST API

The first major version of the REST API since its initial release in 2015.1 is here. The v2 API makes it simpler to get started using Rustici Engine and Rustici Dispatch; it includes more finely-tuned access controls, authentication from JavaScript web apps, credential and tenant management, and an overhauled configuration system. v2 API is defined using Swagger, making it easy to create client libraries for different programming languages.

Administrative Interface

The new front-end for Engine and Dispatch’s configuration and troubleshooting features make it even easier to get started with and support ongoing maintenance of our products. The interface helps you: manage tenants, manage API credentials, manage LRS endpoints, configure courses, troubleshoot registrations and get user counts.

API and Database Usage Metrics

Engine and Dispatch now feature real-time statistics about their API and database performance, a great update for system administrators and developers troubleshooting performance issues. Now, Engine and/or Dispatch will gather metrics for API and database calls and make them available via Prometheus for monitoring and visualization.

Rustici Dispatch 2018.1 new features

The feature below is only available to customers using Rustici Dispatch.

LTI Export

Now, Rustici Dispatch allows you to share content as an LTI tool provider. If you’re building an application that serves the K-12 or higher-ed industries, you’ll understand the importance of supporting LTI.

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