The dust has settled and the jet lag has subsided, which means it’s time to recap our time from Learning Technologies. It’s always energizing to take part in a learning conference and hear all of the trends and use cases being discussed. Learning Technologies lived up to its name with a jam-packed 2 days spent with Rustici customers and new faces alike. 

TJ, Chris, and I broke out the whiteboards and talked to many folks about their current tools and learning architectures. A common thread in almost every conversation: connecting systems, content, and data together. A ton of visitors to our booth jumped right into a whiteboard with us and shared thoughts about their current state of things and where they want to go. Some even picked up a snazzy new pair of socks!

Here’s a quick summary of what we heard from various conversations:

Catalog management

As the number of platforms within a company’s learning ecosystem increases, it’s becoming clear that a centralized content management strategy is a must to handle the growing catalog of content across those systems.

LMS migration

Moving from one LMS to another LMS is an ever-present topic. We talked with many companies in the process of transitioning to a new LMS that are facing the daunting challenges of content migration, feature parity, and standards support. We have a few ways to help tackle these challenges, depending on the requirements.

Course licensing and distribution

We talked to a lot of content publishers that were excited to learn about some of the options we offer to help share courseware to 3rd party systems. Among the options we discussed were Content Controller, SCORM Cloud Dispatch, and our Rustici Engine Content Connectors.

Learning standards, of course!

We talked a lot about SCORM, LTI and certainly, xAPI. The biggest takeaways here;  the desire for more reliable SCORM support is still very prevalent in the industry and xAPI interest and real-world use cases are definitely on the rise. Our conversations around xAPI ranged from getting started to incorporating an LRS into the learning ecosystem. We have these conversations every day with people- getting to do it in person is even better.

That’s our LT20UK story in a nutshell. Find us at Learning Solutions in Orlando, FL next month!

Tammy knew what SCORM was several years before joining Rustici Software, and she’s not even a standards geek. She’s the Managing Director and leads our company with a passionate commitment to caring for our people and customers. She’s also an Iron(wo)Man many times over.