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Hey Andy,

We have an urgent need to get learners up to speed on our training right away. It sounds like we need a Learning Management System, but we don’t have the time or budget for that right now. We just need the basics to quickly send out a few compliance courses to our employees and track the results. Is this something your company can help with?

Training on a time crunch

Hey Training on a time crunch,

Thanks for reaching out, I’m happy to help. It sounds like you need a training solution that’s simple to implement, can go live ASAP and doesn’t break the bank. Good news, we have an option that just might fit your needs.

Our SCORM Cloud application is a secure and reliable SaaS-based learning platform that’s something less than a full-feature LMS, but helps companies get training out to their employees quickly and easily. SCORM Cloud Invitations are a simple way to deliver courses to learners and track results. You can be up and running in just a few steps.

  1. Upload your courses to SCORM Cloud (SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, AICC, xAPI or cmi5 are all supported).
  2. Test your course to preview it and make sure it works as expected.
  3. Add your learners to SCORM Cloud (manually or as a CSV file).
  4. Share your course with those learners as a private invitation email sent directly from SCORM Cloud. Alternatively, you can use the public invitation feature to generate a link to your course and post that on your intranet or anywhere. You can see how easy it is in this quick tutorial video on how to get started with SCORM Cloud Invitations.
  5. SCORM Cloud also includes a reporting feature to easily see who has taken the course and the results. You can use the built-in reports or export that data as CSV files.

This is a great option to get started immediately with no implementation fees, no developers required and pay-as-you-go monthly plans. You can find pricing for SCORM Cloud here. It’s turnkey so you can get up and running in minutes. Sign up for a free trial of SCORM Cloud today to start delivering your training to learners.


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