How SCORM Cloud pricing works

SCORM Cloud pricing is really flexible and we have a variety of plan sizes to meet your needs. Each SCORM Cloud plan is based on the number of registrations you created each 30 days. A registration is counted the first time a learner launches a course and we invoice you at the end of each 30 day usage period.

Benefits to our pricing plan? You choose the plan that fits your needs and can change plans at any time, so you only pay for what you need. Plus, there are no start-up fees.

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SCORM Cloud pricing FAQ

What is a registration and what do you mean when you say that it is “a record of a learner being associated with a course?”

A registration is the record in SCORM Cloud of a learner being associated with a course. A course can be a SCORM, xAPI, cmi5 or AICC pre-packaged .zip file. If a learner takes four courses, that would count as four registrations. If you have two learners, each taking two courses, that’s also four registrations. Once a learner has accessed a course, they can launch it as many times as they wish, without creating additional registrations.

Note: a registration is not the same as a learner or user; it simply associates a learner with a course.

When does SCORM Cloud create a registration?

Registrations occur differently based on how you are using SCORM Cloud.

  • Public Invitations (defined as a link to your course that anyone can access): a registration is created when a learner clicks on the link to launch the course for the first time.
  • Private Invitations (when you use SCORM Cloud to send your learners a direct link to your course via email): a registration is created when the email is sent from SCORM Cloud.
  • Dispatches (when you deliver your course to another LMS using SCORM Cloud): a registration is created when a learner launches the course from their learning system the first time.
  • SCORM Cloud API (if you’ve integrated Cloud’s API with your application): a registration is created when your application uses the CreateRegistration API call. Your developers can decide when to create that call to SCORM Cloud as they see fit.
Do I have to keep paying for registrations each month once they are created?

Nope! You only pay for the registration once, in the month it was created. After that, learners can access your course as often and as long as you’d like without generating additional registration fees.

How does the SCORM Cloud trial work?

We really want you to try SCORM Cloud, whether you’re simply using it to test SCORM content or you’re building a full-blown integration against the SCORM Cloud API. That’s why we created the Trial plan: so it’s easy for you to play and experiment in SCORM Cloud. Unlike other trial offers, the SCORM Cloud free trial isn’t time-based, which means you can be a Trial user for years (and we have many customers who do just this).

While SCORM Cloud can be free to you forever, there are some limits to the Trial plan:

  • Storage space: Trial plans provide up to 100MB of storage for your content. Paid plans include unlimited storage.
  • Registrations: you have ten active registrations that you can use and recycle as needed. If you hit your ten registration maximum at any time, you can either clear the existing registrations to make room for more or upgrade to a paid account.
Can I change the size of my plan?

Yes! You can change the size of your account any time. This really comes in handy for customers that have large seasonal fluctuations in training volume. If you’re approaching your 30-day limit, we’ll notify you that it might be time to upgrade your account. You can even move back to a Trial plan without disrupting existing registrations or losing access to your data.

SCORM Cloud fees are charged each 30 days date based on the size of the plan active in your account. If you incurred any registration overages from the previous month, those are charged on your monthly bill date as well.

Which plan is right for me?

Rather than build a bunch of plan levels, overages give you the flexibility to deliver registrations beyond those included in your 30-day allotment. The chart below helps you identify which plan makes sense for you, based on how many new registrations you plan to create each month.

Registrations Plan
Up to 75 Little
Up to 150 Medium
Up to 2,400 Big
Up to 43,000 Bigger
43,000+ Even Biggerer
Can I control or limit the number of registrations created on my account?

Yes – there are a few ways you can manage how many registrations are created each month. These settings can be adjusted from within your SCORM Cloud account. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Select “Do Not Allow Overages” as a setting in your account. Once you hit the 30-day allotment, no more registrations are created until next month.
  2. Close a public invitation from receiving new registrations.
  3. Use a private invitation to control exactly when a registration is created.
  4. Apply user limits and expiration dates to your Dispatch files, which help you control how many users can access your course and generate a registration.
How does pricing work with xAPI?

If you are using the SCORM Cloud LRS to accept externally-generated xAPI statements, we have good news. It’s free! We want you to explore xAPI and use the SCORM Cloud LRS to collect xAPI statements without worrying about statement volume.

However, if you import an xAPI or cmi5 package into SCORM Cloud and invite a user to launch that course, it will count as a registration.

Okay, I get how you charge me for SCORM Cloud. Now, how do I pay for it?

You can pay for SCORM Cloud via credit card (Mastercard, Visa or American Express) that we keep on file for you and charge each 30 days. We also offer an invoice option that lets you “fill up the tank” in advance. Instead of charging a credit card, we’ll deduct the charges from the funds in your account. You can see your exact bill date and time (UTC) on the Billing Summary page located on the Account tab.

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