• New plans and new names

    We are also introducing 2 new plans that may better fit your needs and have adjusted our larger plans to match registration volumes better now that we have more data points than we did in 2009.

  • Our delightful support is here to stay

    Rest assured with access to our support team to help you with any questions or issues. No matter which plan you are on, you can always ask us anything, really.

What are the new prices and plans?

Testing?Upload and test your eLearning content. Unlimited use is included in all plans. Content limits?The amount of content storage available per account. Registrations?A registration is the record of a learner being associated with a course. Once a learner accesses a course, they can revisit it as often as they wish without creating additional registrations. A registration is not the same as a learner or user; it simply associates a learner with a course.
Overage cost?The cost to create a registration if you exceed your 30-day limit. Price per month?The charge for each plan incurred every 30 days. State sales tax may apply.
Trial 3 courses & up to 5GB 10 resettable registrations Free
Tester (NEW) Unlimited 10 resettable registrations $40
Little Unlimited 50/month $3.60 $90
Medium Unlimited 100/month $3.60 $180
Big Unlimited 300/month $0.40 $360
Bigger Unlimited 4,000/month $0.25 $1,100
Mega (NEW) Unlimited 10,000/month $0.12 $2,000
Ultra Unlimited 50,000/month $0.10 $5,000

Prices displayed do not include sales taxes.

What will I pay in the future?

We recommend using the new pricing calculator to see which plan is best for you and its monthly fee. To see how many registrations you need each month, enter your current estimated # of learners and your estimated # of new courses per learner per month.

New Monthly Pricing Calculator