You asked, we answered! New SCORM Cloud pricing is here and comes with an all-new Tester plan designed specifically for users looking to test more extensive and dynamic content.

The testing phase of developing new courses is as important as when you started creating them. Whether it involves checking the content, adjusting it for specific markets or getting the standards right, creating your course right the first time is an optimal situation to be in.

SCORM Cloud is an integral piece of the testing phase for so many of our customers. It gives you the tools to do all your testing in one place, like quickly uploading a course, previewing your content and using the debug logs to test and troubleshoot any problems that arise.

scorm cloud screenshot

With this in mind, we developed a new SCORM Cloud Tester plan tier specifically for all the users who are testing very frequently. Customers on the new Tester plan can test their content with 10 resettable registrations per month while enjoying the benefit of unlimited storage. The new tier is now live with the SCORM Cloud pricing updates that happened on August 1st, 2023.

SCORM Cloud tester plan

The Tester plan will be an excellent option for publishers, organizations and anyone wanting to test more content. Especially with the unlimited storage, you can expand your course library without removing any to make room.

Now, you may wonder if the free Trial plan is going away, but fear not!

The free Trial is still here but with improvements. For example, it will now offer 5GB of storage instead of the previous 100MB. The Tester plan fits between the free Trial and the Little plan, giving more flexibility for those who want to test content solely. And as always, we’ll continue to offer free, delightful support on every SCORM Cloud tier, even the free Trial.

We are excited to see how the Tester plan can fit into your course development and what you will continue to do with SCORM Cloud. To sign up for the Tester plan, click here!

Josh Darpino is our Product Marketing Manager who brings a love of tech and strategy as well as a creative eye to the marketing team at Rustici Software. When he’s not racing to send important product information out to our customers, he’s running across the finish line in races ranging from 5Ks to half marathons.