SCORM Cloud has been helping customers test, play and distribute content for over 13 years. Many customers have been with us for the whole ride. Customer longevity is due in part to our free content testing platform and flexible monthly tier-based pricing. Over the years, many SCORM Cloud customers expanded their customer base. At the same time, our team developed new features for distributing content and added emerging learning standards. SCORM Cloud is designed to grow as our customers grow their own eLearning offerings. We are very proud of not only continuing to strengthen the product but also for having over a decade-long book of business. Long-time customers trust us and our software’s present and future. 

Recently, we sat down with Scott Matthews, CEO and Managing Partner at Learning Evolution, and wrote a case study about how he was able to scale his business with the help of SCORM Cloud’s API. Learning Evolution has been a customer of ours since 2014. Learning Evolution solved the technology shifts and eLearning standards challenges that customers face with the help of our product.

During the interview, I couldn’t help but notice that while SCORM Cloud has evolved over the last 13+ years, the values behind our product are largely the same. I’ve shared below some of the key takeaways from the interview that I believe are tried and tested parts of SCORM Cloud. 

Software reliability

We offer a software experience that won’t keep you up at night wondering if you can rely on us. You can easily track SCORM Cloud’s uptime and feel good about the amount of support you’re giving to your own customers. Learning Evolution felt confident enough in their platform to offer clients their own uptime guarantee. 

Product flexibility and scalability 

Our product fits the needs of any sized business. You can start distributing courses by invitation or dispatch or testing content today for free. If you want learning standards support in your own learning application as Scott did with eLearning Evolution’s product, Elli, you can use SCORM Cloud’s API. Our aim is to help your learning ecosystem work well together, and that means helping you connect in any way you prefer. As Learning Evolution’s business grew, SCORM Cloud scaled to fit their increase in learner needs. 

Technical development and expertise

At Rustici Software, we bill ourselves as eLearning technology experts. That means we’ve spent time adding reliable support for SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, AICC, xAPI, cmi5, LTI, and media files. You can focus on your business and customer success and look to us for trustworthy technical know-how. When Scott’s team needed to add new standards capabilities for his customers, he relied on us for standards development while he focused on building his business. “As new standards emerge, we can easily integrate without having to worry about recreating anything.”

Delightful support

We take pride in delighting our customers. We even monitor the success of our support tickets with our Delight-O-Meter. Our team doesn’t just fix things when they’re broken; they’ll teach you how things work (yes, the application itself and the learning standards) and make sure all of your questions are answered. Our motto is: Ask us anything (and we really mean it). 

Customer longevity isn’t something we take lightly here at Rustici Software. We are very grateful to customers who have seen and enjoy how we work. If you are someone who has a need for SCORM Cloud and is interested in working with a team who is in it for the long haul, start a SCORM Cloud account. We look forward to supporting learning standards, product features, and you for years to come.

Kelley is an avid gardener. At work, she grows our products across the industry as she’s joined our team as a Product Marketing Manager. At home, she tends to a variety of herbs, vegetables and flowers in her backyard.