Learning Evolution is a trusted partner and leader in category management training for consumer packaged goods and retail professionals. Learning Evolution has two main learning and training solutions: Elli and Fox Selling System. Elli is a robust digital content curation tool and performance training management platform that supports SCORM, xAPI and cmi5 content. The Fox Selling System is a platform for sales training and leadership coaching that goes beyond taking and tracking training by also having the ability to measure execution on the job.

The challenge

Learning Evolution works with large clients operating in the food, beverage and snack industries in multiple countries who partner with outside distributors and retailers. They needed a cost-effective way for their customers to provide online training and videos to a variety of teams. In addition, it was very important to them to be able to support the different standards in their platform. 

Learning Evolution needed a product that did the heavy standards lifting for them as well as providing tracking and reporting on SCORM content, so they could focus on providing innovative solutions and content for their customers.

The solution

As they discussed building out eLearning standards support in their platform themselves or offload this burden by working with Rustici, Learning Evolution quickly decided that an integration with the SCORM Cloud API would be more cost effective and since the founders had worked with Rustici previously, they already had trust in the software. 

SCORM Cloud API met all of their standards-based content needs, including importing, launching and tracking SCORM content, which frees up more of their time to focus on creating a robust platform dedicated to meeting their customers’ needs.

Learning Evolution utilizes both the API and the administrative functions in SCORM Cloud’s backend. This allows them to have one single transparent platform and for their customers to consume both synchronous and asynchronous content.

SCORM Cloud is central to our LMS platform, enabling us to support all current industry standards. Even better is the fact that, as new standards emerge, we can easily integrate without having to worry about recreating anything. This allows us to focus on innovation and a better learner experience while Rustici Software handles the technical standards on the backend.

Scott Matthews, CEO and Managing Partner at Learning Evolution

The benefits

Software reliability

Learning Evolution feels confident enough in their platform to offer their clients an uptime guarantee while still being able to sleep well at night.

Ability to track learning beyond just completion data

Many LMSs can offer completion and compliance data. Using SCORM Cloud API supporting all the eLearning standards, the Elli platform and Fox Selling System can take a holistic approach to learning and training programs because SCORM Cloud surfaces data beyond typical completion data for SCORM courses. In addition, if customers have other data types, like xAPI and cmi5, SCORM Cloud can handle that as well. 

One transparent platform

By having the ability to support all of the eLearning standards, Learning Evolution is able to offer a variety of training modalities.

Support for all standards, including newer ones

SCORM Cloud API takes the stress out of having to add support for new standards or newer versions.

What’s unique with Rustici is we have trust and confidence in your technology and services. I don’t worry that SCORM Cloud won’t be working overnight. With your services, I can give my clients an uptime guarantee and can deliver that same to my customer.

Scott Matthews, CEO and Managing Partner at Learning Evolution

The results

Before making a decision, Learning Evolution considered the cost to build vs. buy. At a minimum, building would have taken them 6-8 months to have a product ready to go to market and cost upwards of $200,000 in developer time. Comparing the cost of developer time to build and maintain standards support vs. SCORM Cloud’s tiered fee model, Learning Evolution determined SCORM Cloud was the more cost effective solution with the fastest time to market.

Learning Evolution’s learner registrations usage has grown 10x since rolling out the SCORM Cloud API. As their business grows, SCORM Cloud scales to fit their increase in learner needs. 

Not having to worry about eLearning standards support and trusting SCORM Cloud’s reliability and uptime, Learning Evolution is able to work on continuously improving their platforms and achieve their goal of helping and supporting their customers in managing all their online training, assessment and certification needs.

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