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Hey Andy,

I have a library of SCORM 1.2 content that I would like to license and sell, but I do not want to distribute SCORM packages. We have looked into building out our own relay service to act as a proxy between a third-party LMS and our content library. Can you help?

Calculated Content Creator

Hey Calculated Content Creator,

Thanks for reaching out, I’m happy to help. It sounds like you’re concerned about handing off all of your course files. The good news is that we have a few options that can help.

Content Controller

Content Controller is a web-based application that lets you centrally host your content and seamlessly deliver content to any LMS that supports SCORM, AICC or LTI. Content Controller allows you to automatically update versions, enforce content licenses, manage multiple languages, and capture course data for reporting and analytics.

With Content Controller you can share proxy or relay files for any standards-based eLearning course you’d like to license and share with a customer. The proxy file is imported and launched from your customer’s LMS. Upon launch, the end-user will be directed to your content played via Content Controller’s content player. When the end-user exits or completes the course they will return to their LMS and Content Controller handles sharing data about the course activity with their LMS.

Depending on your requirements, we can host Content Controller for you in a privately hosted environment or it can be deployed on your servers.

SCORM Cloud Dispatch

If you are open to a SaaS product, SCORM Cloud Dispatch is worth considering. SCORM Cloud Dispatch is quite similar to Content Controller. Your SCORM content is hosted in your SCORM Cloud account, then Dispatch packages (or proxy packages) are provided to the 3rd party LMS to allow access to your content. You can set access limits by launch and/or expiration date. This is a great option to get started immediately with no start up fees and pay as you go monthly plans. You can find pricing for SCORM Cloud here. You can also check out our comparison of Content Controller and SCORM Cloud Dispatch to see how they compare.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I’m happy to schedule some time to walk you through Content Controller and SCORM Cloud Dispatch to help you determine which one will be a good fit.


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