Identifying when to use Content Controller vs. SCORM Cloud

  • Content Controller

    Content Controller is a web-based application created to help content creators easily manage and distribute their eLearning courses. Content Controller features robust license management tools, makes it easy to deliver multiple languages and provides question-level detail in reports. The application is managed either on-premise or we can help you with hosting through managed hosting services.

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  • SCORM Cloud

    SCORM Cloud is a SaaS application that helps you manage all of your eLearning needs via one hosted platform. One of its features is SCORM Cloud Dispatch, which allows you to deliver courses to third-party platforms while maintaining ownership and control over your content. SCORM Cloud allows users to take advantage of a free trial and includes the basic features available in Content Controller. As such, SCORM Cloud makes a great testing tool for some of the more robust capabilities of Content Controller.

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SCORM Cloud Dispatch vs. Content Controller

  SCORM Cloud Dispatch Content Controller
Managed hosting available
Import content in SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, AICC, xAPI
Import MP4 videos, MP3 audio files and PDF documents
Test and configure content
Manage distributed content at the Account level
Support cmi5 for imported content
Import non-standards based content using Rustici Cross Domain (RXD)
Provide Preview links to content
Upload WebVTT files to add subtitles and closed captions for video content
Import new versions of a course
Maintain version history
Leave in-progress learners on previous version
Change log for each version
Republish previous version
Count of in-progress learners in a version
Count of total learners who have launched a version
Assign a custom Version ID
Content usage
Access to usage data (learner counts, launch counts, etc.)
Quick snapshot of usage data by course, account or dispatch
Access to Question Level detail in reports
Account and license management
Create accounts for each customer
Set license limits by dispatch
Limit access by expiration date
Limit access by launch count
Manually disable all access
Manually disable new launches and allow in-progress learners to continue
Limit access by learner count
Set license limits by account
Allows for the creation of reusable licenses
Allows for the creation of course bundles, making adding courses to Accounts efficient
Allows for easy license renewals
Provides License Alerts, which show all accounts how close they are to reaching a license limit, including when they exceed a license
Organize by creating folders in the content section or inside an account
Export content in SCORM 1.2
Dispatch multiple courses at once (.zip of .zips)
Export content in SCORM 2004
Export content in AICC
Export content in LTI
Provides a sharable download link, removing the need for Dropbox or similar services
Reporting of Big Four data (status, pass/fail status, score and total time) by course and dispatch
Reporting of interactions by course and dispatch
Send Big Four data to Host LMS
Send interaction data to Host LMS
Big Four data reported by version
Share reports with people who do not have Administrative access
Interactions reported by version
Available Course Summary, Learner and Multi-Course Learner reports
Content analytics
Identify hard/easy courses
Identify hard/easy questions
Identify questions that are good or bad predictors of success
Dispatch multiple language variations of a course at once and enable user to choose language preference
Usage data by language variation (count of learners taking each language)

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