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Hey Andy,

I currently use Saba as an LMS. I need to deliver SCORM compliant training to my clients that they can distribute to their employees. Does SCORM Cloud allow for customized URL? Is the Dispatch application/service available if we host our own content server?

Desperate to Distribute

Hey Desperate to Distribute,

Thanks for reaching out! Our SCORM Cloud application can be a great way to help you deliver and control SCORM content. We have tools that help you work nicely inside third-party LMSs or send invitations directly.

SCORM Cloud Dispatch is a great way to help you deliver your courses to third-party LMSs, while still allowing you to maintain control of the course files. So if you need to update your courses or have concerns about controlling access or enforcing licensing, you have options on who can access the course and what version learners access.

While SCORM Cloud Dispatch is a hosted service (wherein the content resides on SCORM Cloud servers that Rustici Software manages), we also offer on-premise and managed hosting options (via Rustici Dispatch) if you would prefer to host the content on your own server.

This being said, we do have some other options to help support the need for custom domains. Our eLearning content distribution webpage maps out how we can help you maintain control over courses you deliver to other eLearning platforms. Content Controller in particular offers some great built in account management and licensing tools, multi language support and reporting.

But it’s often easiest to simply talk through your project and goals so feel free to reach out to us if you’d like to chat.


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