Are you exploring ways to add microlearning to your training platform? In our 20.1 Rustici Engine release, we offer three ways for your customers to import videos, with enhanced functionality to help them play and track those videos in your platform. 

1. Offer accessible native video support

Engine supports the direct import of MP4 files using the same API calls used to upload any standards based content. With the new course assets API resource, your customers can upload WebVTT files to offer support for subtitles and/or closed captioning.

2. Deliver and track content hosted in YouTube

Instead of uploading a file, simply import the YouTube URL and Engine will handle the rest, using YouTube’s iFrame Player API to embed the video in the same media player window that Engine uses for audio and video content. Now your customers can easily add their own YouTube hosted videos.

3. Search and import YouTube content

If you want the ability to search through YouTube’s library, we also offer the YouTube Content Connector, which comes built-in to Engine 20.1. Our API searches the video content in YouTube’s catalog by keyword and uses the API endpoints to import directly into Engine.

Rustici Engine’s powerful video player functionality supports playing and tracking learner data no matter where your customers’ videos originate. The bookmarking feature offers the ability to save progress, allowing learners to pick up where they left off within a video. Completion and duration data are stored in the Engine database alongside the standards-based content data. For additional tracking, Engine uses the cmi5 and video xAPI profiles to create statements that record information to capture when learners pause, skip or exit a video. 

If video-based learning is on your roadmap, Rustici Engine is here to help, while also supporting the most common learning standards and media types. Learn more about our latest release and all the media types you can import, play and track

Questions or want to know how to get started with adding video support to your learning platform? Just reach out, we’re here to help.

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