Customer chats is a series aimed at new Rustici Software customers interested in sharing their insights and Rustici product implementation stories. 

Catching up with Zamann Pharma

Zamann Pharma is a life sciences company that delivers training to university students studying pharmaceutical and biotech industries. They are using SCORM Cloud’s API with our built-in LRS (Learning Record Store) to deliver certifications to students while keeping student data accurate and secure. 

We recently chatted with Candice Quinn Zarei, Business Project Manager and Pharmuni Product Owner, and Mohammad Ali Kamkar, Senior Software Engineer, to hear how their implementation and integration experience went. The team chose to purchase SCORM Cloud for the player, built-in LRS, and security features that it provides to keep learner data private. They used SCORM Cloud’s API to achieve their own application’s goals while saving developers time by purchasing the solution instead of building it on their own. 

1. Let’s talk about your product. What are the benefits for your learners? Can you tell us a little about the product launch? 

Our mobile app, Pharmuni, went live on May 4, 2022, with a web application launching later this year. We used SCORM Cloud’s Dispatch feature and your free testing account to test the application among a small group of students before going into production. For customers, the primary target is university students transferring into real-world job candidates. You can create a wealth of talent, but there’s a gap between that and employment. At the end of the day, the goal is to upskill the learner and give them certificates for the courses they passed. This proves their quality as potential employees with specific knowledge and will support them in their application process.

2. What was Zamann Pharma’s goal for learners? 

We wanted each student in our university program who passed a life science course to receive a certificate of completion. To do that, we knew we needed to use xAPI. We wanted to register users into a course using our LMS system, then use an LRS to store sensitive learner data, and finally, generate a certificate based on a template with the learner data stored in the LRS. The goal is to have a great robust application for students where they complete upskilling courses and receive certificates. 

3. Can you share how you made the decision to buy versus build? 

We chose to purchase SCORM Cloud to integrate into our LMS because of the added value the platform offers while delivering training. For us, it started with a need in developing a platform ourselves. One thing we were looking for is a Learning Record Store. Without the LRS, we couldn’t show completion rates for our students. An LRS takes a long time to build, so we wanted a provider to offer that functionality. 

4. What benefits do you get from using SCORM Cloud?

Rustici ticked every box for usability, compliance, price, and documentation. ISO security was very important to us. We wanted to see a GDPR statement and information about how a platform handles private data. Your site has multiple pages covering GDPR and ISO certifications. We were very grateful for those resources. We decided to go with a provider that knows LRSs, provides great support, and can answer questions when we have them. 

5. Is everything working for you as expected? What are your future plans? 

SCORM Cloud is working the way we expected. We have a great IT team to manage the application. We wanted to make sure our system counts completions from the LRS data, and it does. Everything so far has been running well for the 160 users in the application. We have some excellent clients, including the University of Bremen and the University of Bingen in Germany. In terms of future plans, we already published our mobile app, Pharmuni, which is available on the app store. Soon, we will have an additional Pharmuni web app. We have a large roadmap with B2B and B2C solutions where customers will have access to a portal featuring upskilling topics specific to life sciences. 

Check out the SCORM Cloud API to learn more about how you can integrate SCORM Cloud into your system or reach out and ask us anything. We are here to help.

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