On Sept. 25, TJ Seabrooks, our CEO, will be co-presenting a webinar with David Wentworth, Principal Learning Analyst at Brandon Hall Group. They will explore the challenges of the modern learning ecosystem, and discuss ways to simplify it and make it more manageable during our sponsored Brandon Hall Group webinar.

This topic is especially interesting for us, as we talk to people every day who are trying to figure out how to make their content, data, and systems work together. The logistics of managing content in multiple modalities and technologies across various sources are a common struggle for practitioners in the current technology landscape.

Growing complexity brings challenges

Connecting the various systems and tools can be extremely challenging—especially at scale and across geographies, and for both internal and external audiences. As the network of partners and customers increases, the common approach is to build an extended enterprise model. The technical details of implementing this approach for your unique learning environment should be carefully considered, whether you want to deliver content to internal or external audiences or both.

Plus, if you add learning that’s happening outside of the assigned courses in an LMS, your ecosystem can become even more complex. If you want to track more informal activities, such as reading an article or watching a video, xAPI and other options exist to help address content compatibility, maintenance, and measurement.

Don’t miss out—or get left behind

It’s no surprise that things can get challenging fast, so don’t get left behind without the tools to manage or the data to track your eLearning efforts. If your company has multiple LMSs or you’re tasked with training learners outside of your organization, you’ll definitely want to see what David and TJ present.

We’ll share our experiences of working with hundreds of organizations and vendors regarding these challenges—which nearly everyone in the industry faces when it comes to creating, delivering, and distributing training content across a wide variety of systems.

If you’re one of the nearly 300 people who are already signed up, great! You’re in for an insightful, meaningful discussion. If not, go get yourself registered now. If you’re unable to make the live session on Wednesday, September 25, sign up anyways, and we’ll send you the slides and recording. Hope to see you there!

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