Rustici Engine and Rustici Dispatch have officially passed the IMS Global certification testing for Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI). This major milestone for our products was achieved earlier this year in the 20.1 release.

What does LTI certification mean for Rustici Engine?

Conformance to standards and specifications have always mattered to us—handling all of the details and nuances of the various learning standards is what our software does best. Rustici Engine is conformant with SCORM, the xAPI LRS test suite, and is now also a certified platform for LTI Basic Outcomes 1.0, LTI v1.0, v1.1, and v1.3. Engine’s integrated content player has the ability to import LTI links and launch into various LTI tools. For LTI v1.0 and v1.1, this allows you to import LTI links by configuring a URL, key, and secret for authorization and basic data exchanges. With LTI v1.3 even more information is shared and allows LTI tools to pass scores and completion status using Assignment and Grade Services.

What does LTI certification mean for Rustici Dispatch?

For LMSs or learning platforms looking for extended enterprise support, Rustici Dispatch can take the distribution pain off your shoulders. As a certified tool for LTI v1.3, Rustici Dispatch allows you to share courses from your platform to other learning applications as an LTI tool provider. This works by linking launch URLs into an outside platform allowing users to access content using their credentials on the LMS of their choice. When a learner launches the course from their LMS, Rustici Dispatch points the platform back to your original course file on your servers.

Passing the LTI conformance test suite

The IMS Global Learning Consortium certification test suite encourages interoperable implementations of both systems such as LMSs and portals (platforms or tool consumers) and external tools/content (tools or tool providers). Undergoing the rigorous testing procedures ensures that educational technology tools and platforms can talk to each via the same implementation of industry standards.

It was an eye opening experience for us as the LTI conformance test suite covered more than we expected. It helped us better understand how an LTI implementation needs to be configured and where you need to input certain configuration values. We’ve added this to our configuration settings within our Rustici Engine documentation for clients seeking further customization. Throughout the certification process, the support team at IMS was very responsive to questions and issues discovered along the way.

Many large educational content providers and learning management systems who serve the higher-ed industry have already adopted LTI. If you’re looking for certified providers, IMS Global has a searchable directory of over 250 products to help you find compatible vendors. Rustici Engine and Rustici Dispatch are here to help whether you’re looking to offload your existing LTI support or taking your LMS or platform into new ed-tech markets.

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