Engine 22 is your learning application’s best work friend, doing even more heavy lifting in the background while offering the same great learning standards support.

Here at Rustici, we like to bring our personalities with us to work. Tammy rides bikes. Tara loves to ski. Alicia volunteers with children with disabilities in equine-assisted therapy. I am a gardener. Our products are no different. The new release of Rustici Engine introduces new functionality, like a co-worker sharing a new talent or offering support. This co-worker just happens to be your learning application’s best work friend and really loves supporting learning standards for you.

In Rustici Engine 22, we focused on developing our webhooks framework and added improvements for efficiency. It’s endlessly supportive, just like a work BFF should be.

Webhooks streamline your learning application processes

What does a work BFF do better than anyone? They spill the tea exchange powerful information with you. That’s exactly what using webhooks can do for your application. In the Engine 22 release, we have added webhooks functionality so you can subscribe to notifications and exchange events in Engine. Our latest work replaces the old postback system, so you can add notifications for more types of events and filter the notifications so that you only get them when data you care about has actually changed. You can get notified when a course import has succeeded or failed, when a course is launched, or when course registration changes. For course registration changes, your notifications can get even more specific. Choose whether to be notified when:

  • A score changes
  • A course is completed
  • A learner passes or fails a course
  • A learning objective is completed
  • An interaction is recorded
  • The learner exits the course

Subscribing to the most relevant event notifications cuts out the noise and helps you focus on what’s really important. That is friendship.

Engine runs background tasks smoothly, so you can too

If you are an Engine self-hosted customer, this one’s for you. Engine performs a number of tasks behind the scenes, while also handling API requests and learner launches. Now there’s a way to specify whether or not these processes should be handled by each instance of Engine. Improving background processes helps your application work at its highest efficiency. You’ll find this functionality useful when you’re focused on your application’s scalability, so this solution is great for larger applications that want their experiences to run smoothly for a high volume of learners. Think of it as adding a few more arms to your work BFF, so they can carry the entire workload more evenly and effortlessly give you the support you need.

Save and retrieve more course data to stay organized

Your work BFF knows all the things you like in your burrito bowl order for team lunch Thursdays. That’s because good BFFs keep meaningful context. Engine 22 helps you save and retrieve context too. Instead of burrito preferences, you can save any course metadata you’d like, such as skills or product categories and retrieve it from Engine to use later. Use this functionality to keep courses organized for all your learners.

Yes, Rustici Engine is there to support your learning application just like a work BFF helps you learn how to use the printer correctly without jamming it again. Plus, Engine has the added bonus of helping you import, play and track learner data, which is probably more useful than whatever your learning application could do with a broken printer.

When you are ready to upgrade, check out the full list of features in Engine 22, and reach out to us. If you are not yet a customer, feel free to contact us to learn more about how hundreds of learning applications use Rustici Engine.

Kelley is an avid gardener. At work, she grows our products across the industry as she’s joined our team as a Product Marketing Manager. At home, she tends to a variety of herbs, vegetables and flowers in her backyard.