One thing that I love about being an Account Manager at Rustici Software is talking to our customers and learning how our software fits in with their goals. Sometimes a customer will come to us with one problem to solve, and after a few discussions, we realize that there are some other pain points that we can relieve. That is the case with Tribal Habits. 

Tribal Habits is both an authoring tool and an LMS. As you can imagine, they have a number of requests from their customers. One is to be able to export the training they create into their own LMS for their employees to take. The other is for customers to be able to bring content into the Tribal Habits LMS. Our software gives them the capability to do both using Rustici Cross Domain (RXD) for third-party delivery and SCORM Cloud API to import third-party content. 

Queensland Human Rights Commission (QHRC) used Tribal Habits to create content to help train Australian businesses and organizations on new legislation. That’s great, but how can they deliver that training without giving up their intellectual property, and without spending hours of packaging, delivering and supporting a third-party LMS? The answer was Rustici Cross Domain. Using RXD, the Human Rights Commission created the training they loved in Tribal Habits and then delivered it out to their customers using proxy files instead of actual SCORM packages.

Content delivery wasn’t the only thing that Tribal Habits’ customers have been asking for. A number of customers have legacy SCORM content that they need to bring into their instance of Tribal Habits. Using Tribal Habits’ portal, their employees only have to login to one place to take training. What do you need to be able to do that? A SCORM player. While we have a number of options, it turns out that SCORM Cloud was ultimately what Tribal Habits and their customers needed. Tribal Habits integrated SCORM Cloud API into their platform, allowing customers to import and launch their own SCORM content alongside Tribal Habits’ content. 

As an AM, we try to check in pretty regularly to see how our customers are moving along with our products and see what we can learn about their company. The more we know, the more we can support them and their success. Turns out, we uncover more pain points in these calls that customers don’t realize we solve. The call gives us an opportunity to help point customers in the right direction. That’s exactly what happened here, and I’m happy to say that Tribal Habits successfully implemented two Rustici Software solutions to meet the needs of their customers.

We are always here to listen to our customer’s roadmaps, problems and ideas. It never fails to surprise me that after we discuss getting content out of one platform and into another, we end up having a conversation about importing legacy content a few months later. That’s okay, because there is one thing that makes us amazing to work with: Rustici Software is here to make eLearning content, platforms and services work between systems.

It was only a matter of time before Kyle found his way to working with us as a Client Success Manager. After all, he’s connected to about half our employees through friendships or past jobs. Maybe it’s because he’s so friendly: his wife says he could befriend a lamp post.