Tribal Habits is an online learning platform that customers use to create, share and manage knowledge. The platform integrates online training development with online training distribution and administration. In legacy terms, this means Tribal Habits is both an eLearning authoring tool and a learning management system (LMS). 

The challenge 

When Tribal Habits customers create and launch courses in the platform, they have the ability to collect a lot of data inside Tribal Habits. This works really well if all the data and content remains inside the platform. However, some customers needed to distribute the courses created and managed within Tribal Habits to a third-party application or LMS. Other customers wanted to import legacy SCORM content into their Tribal Habits portal. There were two challenges that Tribal Habits wanted to solve for their customers and two unique opportunities to implement Rustici Software products:

  • Provide customers with a way to share the content they built in Tribal Habits with third-party applications, while maintaining control of the  learner experience, content and data collected.
  • Offer customers the ability to import legacy content into Tribal Habits’ platform in common eLearning standard formats, like SCORM, AICC, xAPI and cmi5. 

The solution

Tribal Habits used both Rustici Cross Domain (RXD) and SCORM Cloud API to give their customers the power to effectively distribute customer’s training content with third-parties and to import legacy training into the platform.

Rustici Cross Domain

Tribal Habits used Rustici Cross Domain to generate what they call a “SCORM Link,” a tiny SCORM file that can be launched from any LMS. It points back to the Tribal Habits platform where the course is housed and tracked.

Rustici Cross Domain(RXD) helps the platforms work together so customers can use their preferred third-party LMS to access courses built and hosted in their Tribal Habits platform. Alternatively, customers can share a single Tribal Habits module with multiple third-party LMS while retaining control of their eLearning IP and data.


Tribal Habits also saw an ongoing opportunity to add the ability to support SCORM import so their customers could readily transition from legacy LMS platforms into a modern, integrated system, like Tribal Habits.

SCORM Cloud API helped Tribal Habits meet the demands of their customers when they needed to import legacy training content, as well as bring third-party content into the platform alongside courses created within Tribal Habits. Now, customers can import SCORM, AICC, xAPI and cmi5 formatted files into their Tribal Habits portal.

The benefits 

A siloed system is now a compatible system

With RXD, Tribal Habits’ customers can distribute content hosted on their platform with any third-party LMS. RXD supports SCORM, xAPI, cmi5 and AICC content.

Ability to upload existing training

The Tribal Habits integration with SCORM Cloud API allows customers to easily import SCORM content that they’ve previously created or bought on a content marketplace. SCORM Cloud API also offers flexibility that fits in with Tribal Habits’ current customer ecosystems without disrupting what’s currently in place.

One vendor with two solutions

Rustici Software’s expertise in eLearning standards helped solve two different customer challenges for Tribal Habits. Having a single vendor solving multiple problems means Rustici Software is already familiar with the customer, their goals and their technology. This manifests into simpler implementation processes, long-term time savings and the same delightful support experience across products.

Learning standard and media type import options beyond SCORM

SCORM Cloud API enables Tribal Habits’ customers to import training content in other learning standards and media types including AICC, xAPI, cmi5, MP3, MP4 and PDFs. With Rustici Cross Domain, customers can export Tribal Habits’ content to third party applications using common eLearning standards like SCORM, AICC and cmi5. 

“We wanted to provide learners with a consistent interface across all their learning – Tribal Habits native content, external events and external eLearning modules. SCORM Cloud made it really easy for us to be able to do that.” -David King, CEO Tribal Habits

The results

Adding RXD and SCORM Cloud API means that Tribal Habits’ content is now compatible with third-party systems and the platform works with third-party content. Tribal Habits success in implementing RXD means that clients can easily distribute eLearning content with other systems while retaining all the information they need. SCORM Cloud API allows Tribal Habits’ customers to upload SCORM courses straight from inside Tribal Habits’ building block editor and even combine them with Tribal Habits elements.

Tribal Habits’ solution helped customers, like Queensland Human Rights Commission (QHRC), implement a very ambitious training campaign for government bodies in Australia.

QHRC successfully delivered training to Australian-based businesses and organizations through a third-party LMS using Tribal Habits SCORM Links powered by RXD. Using these SCORM Links allowed QHRC to get the best of both worlds – share their Tribal Habits content with a wide variety of external customer LMSs, while retaining the learner experience and data collection that the Tribal Habits platform offers.

In 18 months, QHRC has used Tribal Habits and RXD to:

  • Share a single Tribal Habits module with 20 different LMSs
  • Enroll over 25,000 learners across  those platforms
  • Maintain control of their IP
  • Push over 25 course updates without having to share any new files
  • Collect over 1.25 million responses to polls and quizzes
  • Capture over 900,000 written answers to open-ended questions

QHRC’s success using Tribal Habits is a great example of how Rustici Software products can work in the background of an existing platform to offer a necessary solution for customers who want to share third party training with an outside system. Using the power of Rustici Software, platforms like Tribal Habits save their customers time and offer customers the advantage of using all their training resources.

Using Rustici Cross Domain to deliver SCORM links to a third-party LMS is an incredible time saver for our customers. They’re back in control of their eLearning content while retaining valuable learning data capture – across multiple LMSs at the same time - which is a massive win for them.

David King, CEO of Tribal Habits

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