It’s a really exciting time around the office these days! So much has been going on here lately that December and January seemed like such a blur.

First of all, we announced the companies that are participating in Watershed First, which if you haven’t heard about it, check it out!!!

Second, we’ve hired 4 new people. That’s right. FOUR people that all do different and equally amazing things for us! Unfortunately for them, they didn’t start on the same day so they don’t get to take over the title of the Fab Four, so we can call them the Fab 4 2.0.

Here they are!


Geoff Alday started with us back in December. He’s helping us make the user experience of Watershed LRS even more awesome. The most amazing thing I learned about Geoff is that he’s a real life magician. He knows magic tricks. He has an official “Magician’s Only” card. He amazes me, even if he won’t share his secrets. One day….

Jim Ingram joins our SCORM Engine team, helping Freddie and Matt delight our customers with awesome support and integrations. Jim is now officially the record holder for his quickness in making a joke about me. You see, we have an over/under bet on how long it will take a new employee to feel comfortable enough to make a joke about a coworker (who am I kidding, it’s always me). Jim came in right at 10 days. That’s what I like about Jim… he’s so unexpected!


Lizelle van den Berg came aboard the same day as Jim, but she’ll be focused on growing and maintaining relationships with people in the e-learning community. Lizelle has a unique talent for making strangers feel like they’ve known her forever. Lizelle joins TJ as an Ohio State fan and she’s also the first Paleo that Rustici Software has ever employed. We all not-so secretly feel bad for her.


Nicki Silverman was our most recent hire. She came on to help us wow our Watershed customers with her awesome project management skills. We’ve given her a pretty big first project, managing the Watershed First integrations, but we know she can handle it. Unrelated, she spent an entire summer practicing yoga 8 hours a day to become a certified yoga instructor. Hopefully one day she’ll teach me how to look less dumb when I do yoga posing.

And there you have it! Four new Rusticians that I couldn’t be happier to welcome into our ever-growing, happy family!