• Jim Ingram


    Jim might just be the most normal one of all of us—he’s a great guy, and you always know what you’re getting with him but it’s all fun and games until you ask him to drive you to Chipotle, and then forget you asked and drive yourself. Of course, that wouldn’t be a thing that would happen at Rustici Software! It just seems like a thing he might not like. 

    Jim gets credit for starting the ‘Rusticians with Bears’ thing around here. What started as an inside joke somehow became our official company mascot, and if you ever tour our office, you’ll see a few bears throughout.

    Jim likes reading sci-fi and biographies, he likes playing board games, and he plays guitar badly (he said so himself.) Sometimes, if we’re lucky, he’ll bring his guitar in on a Friday and strum around for a bit during our loosely-held late afternoon happy hour.

    Jim used to work on various products as a software developer, but now he’s a product manager.