Delivering training together since 2006

Back in 2006 we encountered LINGOs. Mike Rustici, our founder and now CEO at Watershed, wrote about the nascent relationship back then, describing how they were using SCORM Driver. Today, LINGOs is now Humentum, part of a merger of InsideNGO, LINGOs and Mango in 2017. Humentum does great work for charitable organizations like Save the Children, Habitat for Humanity and Catholic Relief Services (CRS), helping them deliver invaluable training to some of the toughest to reach places in the world.

We’ve always valued our partnership with LINGOs and Humentum, particularly because they helped us create SCORM Cloud Dispatch. It was one of those software stories where the timing aligned; we were thinking about creating a solution like Dispatch and Humentum was asking for it. The reason? As they grew, offering one robust, hosted platform to administer courseware to their clients wasn’t enough. They encountered many clients, usually their largest, which required use of another LMS solution, either because they already had one or required greater functionality. What was most important was simply making sure training was getting into people’s hands, no matter the LMS, and Dispatch helps them do that.

Back in 2011, we released a case study talking about our work with LINGOs. Today, seven years later, we’ve updated our case study to reflect our work with Humentum and all that we’ve done together. As we reflect on those past years, it’s been interesting to rediscover old content such as:

There are two stories I want to highlight from that content.

Catholic Relief Services using SCORM Cloud Dispatch and Humentum

Catholic Relief Services (CRS), started using SCORM Cloud Dispatch in conjunction with Cornerstone on Demand in October 2010. The Cornerstone LMS (CSOD) helps them support face-to-face and blended events, while Humentum provides their competency training and career development courseware, delivered through CSOD with SCORM Cloud Dispatch. The balance of both in one platform has been invaluable for them, particularly because it ensures an “excellent and consistent end user experience,” according to Leslie Blanton, Senior Learning Manager at Catholic Relief Services.

EngenderHealth using SCORM Cloud Dispatch and Humentum

EngenderHealth, which also benefits from SCORM Cloud Dispatch, has used Humentum in conjunction with Moodle since 2011. Together with their in-house courses, Humentum courses help EngenderHealth staff members expand their skills, knowledge and expertise in key areas, helping them achieve their overall mission.

Why Humentum loves SCORM Cloud Dispatch

We also learned some new and interesting things when catching up with Humentum in order to rework the case study. For example, the thing Humentum most loves most about Dispatch is that it just works. Another thing they love? That we’re cool.

Yeah, we said it.

Ross Coxon their Director of Learning Collaborative at Humentum, made our day recently when he said, “We just like working with you and we think you’re fun.” From a company that has high morals and is doing amazing work, we like to hear that.