I’m very passionate about volunteering and lending a hand to make a difference. Recently, we had the opportunity to spend some time catching up with Humentum, a long-time SCORM Cloud customer, and they invited us to chat with one of their nonprofit customers, FHI 360. It’s not often that we’re able to hear from our customer’s customers on how our software impacts their businesses and helps their goals. For me, listening to Humentum and FHI 360’s stories was as exciting as getting (at least) two cherries on a sundae: hearing how each organization is doing good out in the world and how our software is helping with their missions.

Humentum is a nonprofit working with humanitarian and development organizations worldwide improving how they operate and making the community more equitable, accountable and resilient. One of the ways they do this is through providing and promoting online training that thousands of professionals take advantage of every year. Humentum uses SCORM Cloud Dispatch to provide organizations, like FHI 360, with dispatch packages from their vast course library and is able to reach those working in the most remote parts of the globe who are regularly without reliable internet.

FHI 360 is an international nonprofit organization that strives to improve the health and well-being of people around the world. Working with government, industry and civil society partners, they seek to bring about positive social change and provide lifesaving healthcare, quality education and opportunities for meaningful economic participation. They do this by using research and evidence to design and deliver innovative programs that change behaviors, increase access to services and improve lives. Their staff of more than 4,000 professionals work in more than 60 countries and provide a 360-degree perspective that allows them to respond to the toughest human development challenges.

“Our mission is to improve lives in lasting ways by advancing integrated, locally driven solutions for human development.”  – Nickey Rhodes, Learning and Development Specialist at FHI 360

Since 2015, FHI 360 has depended on SCORM Cloud Dispatch and Humentum to offer training courses to their employees through their standalone LMS. Thanks to SCORM Cloud using a Content Distribution Network (CDN), Amazon CloudFront, FHI 360 employees are able to access the training they need regardless of their location around the world.

Partnerships with companies like Rustici help Humentum serve nonprofits around the world, including FHI 360, with valuable content and training that workers and volunteers in the field desperately need to continue making a positive difference in the world. And while we’ve always known about the great work Humentum does, it was really powerful for us to hear about how our customer’s customers are making a difference and changing lives.

Do you have something really interesting you’re working on? Let us know in the comments. And if you have questions about how you can reach your learners regardless of their geographic location, ask us! We’re happy to help.

Alicia is our content marketing manager who captivates audiences by providing comic relief to the eLearning standards. She wrote the cmi5 Best Practices Guide and writes about eLearning in presentations, blogs and articles regularly. Every year, she volunteers as a reporter for the Daily Dragon and is often found volunteering at a therapeutic equestrian center.